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    I am 50 years old and have suffered from ADD and resulting depression and anxiety for as long as i can remember. I found a forum on Cymbalta withdrawl one day and a women was saying that Lithium Orotate has really helped her son. Thank God for this woman. If you want to feel better try this..
    Do some research on Lithium Orotate ( Over the counter form not prescription ) and Magnesium and their effects on all forms of ADD, Depresion and anxiety.
    Get yourself a good multi-vitamin, i was recomended Nature Made. I take Magnesium once daily 250mg and 1200mg of Lithium Orotate 3 times a day. In this form of L/O over the counter has no side effects unlike prescription form. One 1200mg pill actually is comparable to 100mg of Lithium. These dosages can be adjusted by the way you feel you can take more or less. I also recomend you buy the book From Panic To Power by Lucinda Bassett which deals with Cognotive Behavioral Therapy which is also a great tool to deal with anxiety and depression. All this along with a better diet and cutting out stimulants like sugar and caffiene has done the trick for me. I have never felt better in my life and when i started to take these supplements i noticed a difference very fast. I have tried everything throughout the years and this combination is the only thing that has ever worked for me. Please try it and give me some feedback. Good Luck...
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    Quote from the article:

    "There is a suggestion that lithium orotate could be successfully used at lower doses than regular lithium, but there are also very serious concerns about kidney function and high blood levels of lithium using this product. Just like regular lithium, there is little difference between a therapeutic blood level and a toxic blood level of the lithium ion, and the toxic level can cause grave illness and even death. We have no well designed studies in humans looking at any of these questions.

    Warning: I would strongly recommend against self treating with lithium orotate. Like all conditions, we sometimes use things that we don’t have a lot of evidence for in extreme situations, and I imagine there could be rare circumstances in which, together with a prescriber, someone might use this product instead of lithium carbonate, but people who were to choose this approach would still need to be followed for blood levels and any evidence of lithium toxicity.

    Keep in mind as well that lithium orotate is marketed as a supplement, not a drug, so it is not regulated by the FDA – as a result, it is hard to know which products are even reputable or provide what they say they do. If you are interested in lithium orotate, talk about it with your prescriber and consider it carefully – remembering that, in fact, it is actually a psychoactive medication and it needs to be managed carefully."

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    While I agree with you and the article to a point.....ALL drugs, whether it be over the counter or by prescription, ALL have side effects. Some can be life threatening, or as mild as bowel changes. Every drug has side effects and there is always a chance in taking any drug.

    I think that every person that takes any drug, needs to make an informed decision.

    I was given a script several yrs ago for Mobic. It is similar to Celebrex. I took it and thought OH God this drug is wonderful!!!! Then I read up on the side effects......Not so pretty.....I stopped taking it on a daily basis, and now ONLY take it when the pain is unbearable. My Dr is in full agreement with my decision.

    Personally I think that too many Dr's love to write prescriptions period. We have become a pill popping nation. But that is a whole 'nother rant.....
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    Thanks for posting. I posted before about this and I agree with the need to make an informed decision but make that informed decision with a licensed professional--either a doctor, a licensed Nutritionist or a licensed Natureist (I believe that is what they are called). To list all prescriptions, all over the counter medications (including Tylenol, cold meds, vitamins, herbals, metals, etc.), then discuss any new herbals or vitamins you wish to take. The professional can inform you of any potentially harmful or lethal effects and perhaps another vitamin or herbal would be better to use. I view vitamins and herbals as no different than prescriptions, and you wouldn't take prescriptions from someone over the internet.

    I was shocked to learn from The Doctors TV show recently that a woman taking seizure medication was taking Ginko Balbio (spelling?) and it interacted with the seizure medication and she had a seizure and died from taking the Ginko. Who knew??? But if she had only seen one of the professionals above, she could be alive today. That's important and we never think about that.