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    First I should say that my doctor is really a physicians assistant. After my second mri came back good my husband asked "So can you say it's CFS or FM?" And he said "I really don't want to put one of those names on it because she'll be put on the back burner and forgotten," What do you all think of that? It tells me that the medical community just doesn't recognize the severity of this dd or they just don't care. I'm not talking about my dr (I call him that because I think he's better than alot of the dr's I've seen).
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    .......but where does that leave you? Is he going to 'label' you with something else that the medical establishment WILL treat?
    Why is this DD so ignored? Surely by now there must be enough evidence that it is 'real' and enough respected Doctors are involved in research that we deserve more than this?
    I find it continually baffling that it is perceived as a 'non' illness. I have felt more ill with this than anything I have ever had in my life!!!!!
    Let us know how he decides to treat you.........
    good luck
    Mary x
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    I think your PA is trying to protect you from ignorant docs, but he is just playing into the "situation normal" attitude of many docs. As more and more of us are diagnosed and more and more research done, our illnesses can no longer be put on the back burners.

    I believe because of attitudes like this that the number of people afflicted with our illnesses is waaaaay understated. Immune/autoimmune illnesses are rampant and growing and society and the medical community had better make some fast adjustments. These illnesses are costing us as a society a great deal and costing us as individuals and families everything we have.

    Love, Mikie
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    I understand what you're saying about your Dr.(physicians assistant).Can and will he prescribe any meds to help you with the symptoms you have? If he doesn't diagnose a certain disease,then likely you won't be able to get any meds.I know that there are a lot of Drs. that would like to sweep fibro patients under the rug,but there are some that are willing to work with us.There are more and more Drs.anymore that are willing to admit that this is real.(Probably because there are too many of us to fit under the rug-LOL) bejo
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    I do appreciate it when they are honest that was the good thing. We know just by doc`s body language how they feel about us. I know for a fact(from doc I know that whent to seminar & headed up rheum. society,he now has fm. We are to slowly be rid of from letters to rheume etc. We take too much time which is too costly. What happenened to their oath I ask? That is why I usually rather go to P.A. Might be partial since I changed from nursing to P.A. school. I had a pain management doc totally refuse to treat me just seeing fm on list. Missing all my spinal damage. 1 doc threw the rx`s for me to go to immune spec. for lyme and other things she wanted done, dismissed me saying these illnesses are fabricated. My rheume now told me and people at seminar he thinks we are just all low class people for most part,I suppose I was to be flattered since he said I wasn`t 1 when he heard my background and that he thinks I dress well. He made a statement I heard we are all wacco`s. It is a sin that this is what we are still dealing with!!!
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    Man, I agree with all of you who answered me. It is really depressing to say the least. I've been depressed ever since Thursday when I had the appt. I think my husband is too. I am on meds. Clonazepan which helps me quite a bit when I have a spell. Zoloft which probably keeps me from really going bonkers. I start physical therapy Monday to try and get a little strength. Then I go for physiotherapy. I think I spelled that wrong. He wants to try biofeedback to help me with my anxiousness. I think he's grasping at straws at the moment. I'll keep you all posted.
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    Do to someone was finally honest!

    TELLER Hopefully for your sake they will be of help to you! Wish you all the best. Hugsss
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