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    i love the worship board and prayer night.

    maybe we could just title an entry as:


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    Even though it is not feasible for me to join the prayer night at the time you all pray I think this is a smart and efficient way of handling all the prayer requests. I get up at 4:20 am and get to bed at 8:30 PM (yes I have no life LOL) My prayer time is in the morning before school. As I am new on the board I am trying to find my way here. I pray as I see individual posts etc. Hopefully I will be able to have time to pray for everyone individually eventually .This is such a great place. It is almost unbelievable that something like this can happen online with people who have never met or talked in person. God is good isn't He?

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    Hi Asa,

    Thank you for posting!!

    I just wrote a message to Tlanye and told her I would post my opinion with you.

    To be honest with you , I don't know how Tlanye did keep up the prayer list the way she did, I would have been up nights trying to keep it up like that. We can not let anyone feel guilty ever for praying and for doing what the can for others. I don't think that anyone that is in the group should actually be organizing the update. I guess that sounds bad and I am not good at writing here, but I try.

    We are all sick, chronic pain patients in one way or another. If there could just be a post that says Please Put Prayer Requests here for Thursday Night, then all that have requests for that week could put them there.

    It can be up to the members to post their requests each week, I really feel that is the most fair way, I hope I don't offend anyone

    God Bless
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    I think it will work very well, as we weekly post our prayer requests. That way the thread will be easily available for us to pray for all week as well as Thursday nights.

    It worked great on the weekly prayer night on the FM/CFS board.

    Love you all,
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    I think this is wonderful for all of us to put our needs short and to the point for Thursday night prayer night! God wants us to come to him united for our needs.

    I was writing all the prayer requests down so that I could pray for each individual in my bedroom for privacy. This way I can print each one and do the same!

    Time and energy is a major factor for me, and this option has been a blessing for me to stay in tune with my loved ones (all of you) prayer needs!

    Sending so much love for all of you! Love, Tam