Reader's digest condensed transfer factor, would ya'll??

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by hollym, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. hollym

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    I am new to this board, and this theory, could ya'll take a minute and tell me what you know? I read about it briefly and am very interested, as I have had autoimmune stuff go on before-2 years of recurring shingles.

    thanks a lot!

    Raising a glass to our WELLNESS!!

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    I read your post on the chit chat board, (I'm the kiwi) thanks for the welcome!
    Heres a site that explains how Transfer Factor works, (condensed to a page or so)
    You could check out 4life Transfer Factor plus, just key that in on Google search,Transfer Facotor plus has the highest Natural Killer Cell activity over 240% increase. I believe it is the highest out of all the products. I take 4 life Transfer Factor and have just added Transfer factor plus.
    If you want to help heal the immune system Transfer Factors are the way to go!
    Good luck

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  3. hollym

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    Mitch, thank you so much, I'm trying to cover all of my bases, and I do think I have a wierd immune system. It's helpful to have all of the info in one short read in one place, and good to know that I can add just one more pill, because it seems like I'm taking so many already!

    BUT!! I'm also on my feet, working, starting to feel like I'm regaining some energy, and on my fifth pain free day in a row, so bring ON those handfuls of pills, lol.

    peace, light, and less pain,