Readly to cry as my legs ache, throb, horriable pain

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    I am about in tears tonight. I have been slowly cleaning my house so that my daughter and her family can stay with us till they find a place to live. I didn't have the living room cleaned up when they arrived so J helped me to finish it except for the vaccuming.

    I know I should not have done it but I didn't want to ask her. They have been traveling for the past two days with a 20 month old and a 3 yr old. The baby was sick this morning and threw up while they were on their way here. So they had a tough drive today.

    I dont' have the room for the kids ready yet. Hubby thought that it was more important to go looking for deer and elk for the upcomming hunt than to get the room ready for his grandkids.

    Our SIL who came to hunt with my hubby later in the month was sleeping in the spare room now that Jand B are here he gets the couch to sleep on.

    I ususally don't go to bed till 1 or 2 am . I start to dose off and as soon as I Move to go down stairs to bed I wake up and I can't sleep when I get to my bed so I come back upstairs and read or watch TV but tonight I won't be able to do that as my SIL will be sleeping on the couch.

    I knew that it was dumb ot vaccum the floor as it makes me hurt all the more and all over . But now my legs are throbbing badly and I am about in tears, I have taken my night time meds, that include pain meds, soma,xanax, visteril. I also took my cal-mag and some vitiman B
    I am ready to go to bed now but I hurt so much that I can barely walk . I am so worried that once I go to bed I will wake up be alert adn stay that way and not be able to sleep. I will have to stay down stairs since i have comapny on the couch in the living room.

    I know I am whining again and I didn't have any good cheese. Sorry about this I hate it when my legs ache clear down to the bones in my legs. My left leg is swollen from my annkle to mid calf. Don't know why. I am just strange that way. Whine even more.

    Sorry about all the complaining.
  2. ABLUV

    ABLUV New Member

    for complaining or whining. This board is all about having
    a shoulder to cry on.

    Got any epsomsalt? Take a soak in the tub with epsom salt.
    If you don't have epsom salt, you can try ginger. If you don't have that, just soak in warm water for a while and see if that take the pain down a notch or two. Hope that helps or maybe someone else on the board will have a quick solution for you.

    Hope you feel better real fast!

    (((hugs & prayers)))


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    Hi Rosemarie,

    I'm sorry you are having such a bad night tonight. It's really tough when you really need to get stuff done but end up paying for it later. That was nice of you to get stuff done for your daughter and her family. I hope that once you go to bed it won't be too bad. Hopefully you will be able to get some sleep. So your left leg swells like that a lot? The doctors can't figure out why? That's horrible that it makes it hurt so much for you. I really wish the doctors could figure out some answers for all of us.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of you and wishing you a good night's sleep. Wish I could do more. Take care,

  4. rosemarie

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    The kids arrived on Friday night. Didn't have all the house cleaned up so it was cramped for the little ones to sleep. Hubby and SIL finally cleaned out the bedroom but would not bring in the cop for the youngest child. So she is sleeping on the floor on the twin matteress and he brother has spent a night with his parents and one on my couch.

    My other SIL has been sleeping on the couch since Friday night, so last night he made sure that my grandson stayed put and alseep. But I could not sleep when they SIL wanted to sleep. So I sat up and read in the bathroom thankfully no one needed it.

    AS I read your postss to me I saw that you mentioned Epsom Salts. I dont' have any at the moment, I wish I did as they do help.

    I am going to spend some money on my self from my savings. I found a great place for natural bath products. I really like their dreamtime bath melt at lush as it is so calming and it really works helping you to sleep and stay alseep.. O a, ordering a couple of new products as they are to aid in sleep and one is for achey legs /body. I have used few products and they really do work. They are a bit spendy , so I am ordering the smaller shower bombs and use them in my hot bath. I hate feeling like this all the time and since I finished the living room vaccumed it my legs hate me from this extra work.

    Tonight was stressfull and just irratated me ever so greatly.My daughter and I got all the things we needed for suppper at my house but the guys {both SIL's} had other plans they were going to fix dinner at my Mom's house and then leave.

    MY daughter and I came over to MOm's and fixed hamburgers potatoes, green beans, while SIL fixed rice &black beans. Mom does not like it.
    So he fixed the rice and beans and I did the hamburger taters & green beans, after we all ate i cleaned up the kitchen. Or at least my mess from what I made. I told the SIL to please put the leftovers in a bowl and cover it,& put it in the fridge.

    So I could wash the pan. HE said that he would wash the pan later. I washed every thing but that one pan and then the guys went home. They had walked over with my grandson 3 yrs.

    I went to make sure that every thing wasa put away and found the left over rice and beans on the stove with the stove on low. I lost my temper and said some bad words as it really made me angry that he had left this mess in the kitchen. So I Put the left overs in a bowl and put the pan to soak. I was so angry that he had not done what he promised to do.

    His wife my middle daughter called this morning and said that he was to stay at Mom's house in her spare room. HE was not going to stay there tonight untill I asked about it and even after he said he was staying here tonight all of a sudden he got his stuff and said see you in the am and left.
    I was angry with the both of them for making a huge and not p ickin gup after them selves.My other SIL told his wife to make sure he had clean cothes laid out for work in the morning, then had a fit over my grandson makiing a mess with soda that he had given him.Daughter is sleeping in the other room with the kids.

    Sorry for being so long. I am going to try to sleep now as my head is killng me and makeing my sick . Wish me luck ~HUGS~

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    I have a SIL that drives me crazy at times with attitude. He has no understanding of fibro and expects me to do everything. My daughter, his wife, is not a whole lot better. When you hurt and are trying to do things to help them it is especially upsetting. Since my lyrica was upped my legs hurt less but I do have a lot of pain in my hands, especially my thumbs. I think the emotional things just make our other pain worse.

    My family visits and sometimes they just make awful messes but rarely do they clean any of it up. They know I am sick but it seems it is just expected of me to do it all. Very frustrating at times. So I do understand and feel for you. Please take some time for you. You deserve some alone soaking in the tub kinda time. Take Care!

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