Ready to become an evil villain....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by opala, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. opala

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    ....and hold scientists and doctors at gunpoint until they find a cure for this....or at least SOME medication that would take the pain away for even a short period of time...

    My well-meaning hubby just asked me "so, how is it on a scale of 1 to 10?" This is after he dragged me around town yesterday to holiday events for my birthday. I spent last night sitting on a freezing cold dock surrounded by drunken rednecks watching boats float by decorated with Christmas Lights. I wouldn't have minded so much if it hadn't been FREEZING out.

    I'm taking cyclobenzaprine twice a day to help, and it isn't. I'm taking Vicodin for the pain, but it doesn't do anything. I'm taking Remeron to help me sleep, but I still have a hard time falling asleep at night. I'm taking a stand. I'm not going to take this lying down!!!

    I want SOMETHING to ease the pain for at least a short period of time!!! I want to not feel pain, even if its just for a few minutes.

    Sorry to go on and on, but I'm feeling like an angry gnome today and felt the need to vent.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. catgal

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    Hi opala~~Sounds like you're either in a bad flare, suffering from overexposure to the weather, or are undermedicated--maybe all three.

    But, if your pain is never under control--then it definitely sounds as though you are undermedicated and either not receiving a strong enough dosage of the vicodan or need to change narcotic meds.

    I don't know how cooperative your physician is, but you might consider trying oxycontin for longer term relief. I have FM/CFS, degenerative disc disease, osteo & rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and allergies. I take 20mgs of oxy 2x's a day and have 10mg percocet for breakthrough pain. I also take soma for muscle spasms and .5mg klonopin for restless legs & sleep.

    After taking 10mgs of oxy 3x's a day for 17 months, I asked my physician to up it to 20mgs 2x's a day. The oxy gives from 8 to 12 hours of relief. Most people take higher doses than I do.

    I don't know that we are ever completely pain free, but these meds help me alot--and I work. Carol...
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    I know how you feel. I was in the same place not long ago. I could not get anyone to treat my pain, and was bedriddden. It makes you think of all sorts of desparate measures, unfortunately---well i guess fortunately---we would hurt to much to be able to carry thru on them.

    Thank goodness I have found a Doc who has been treating my pain for 3 months now. But all kidding aside...I keep having paranoid feelings that something might happen and that would end. I fear I would be back in the same's so scary.

    Please get in contact with your Doc, and ask for a change, I have had to change meds a few times until finding the right combo for me. Your doctor should be willing to do this. Best wishes.....hoping you feel better.