Ready to do Igenex testing for my 13 y/o

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by anchor, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. anchor

    anchor Member

    i received the igenex test kit and will order the initial lyme panel for my daughter.

    i already have the lab form for western blot and other blood work as ordered by the neurologist.

    do i take that form to the lab along with the igenex test kit or does the neuro dr need to sign something specific for the lab to do the igenex part?

    hope this Q makes sense......such a long process this has been.

    my 13 yo daughter is having an MRI in 2 weeks (braces off before then for the MRI) and some blood work done.

    she has had chronic migraines and progressive facial weakness on one side of her face.

    it has taken 4 weeks to get an MRI appt and still 2 weeks away....pray for us please.

  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    From personal experience, Igenex needs a Docs signature

    to do the lab work. They would NOT accept that of my

    Nurse Practioner and She had to have Her Doctor supervisor

    sign the authorization.

    What made your Doc suspect LYME? Was there an obvious

    exposure? A tick bite? Etc.?

    Please don't be discouraged! My Daughter, now 31-derful,

    was diagnosed with Lyme as a teenager, aggressive anti-

    biotic treatment help Her greatly.

    Best wishes,

  3. anchor

    anchor Member

    yes....she did have a mysterious bite (no tick found), but it was textbook bullseye rash and all iniital symptoms within 2 weeks. altho her pediatrician said "ring worm" but i insisted on 6 weeks of antibiotics.

    she has no other LD symptoms, but we followed up with a neuro for chronic migraines (well before bite) and progressive facial weakness on one side of her face - her smile is crooked.

    then i added in the LD concern to the neuro and he agreed we needed to look at that too.

    thanks for the support. with your daughter, what qualifies as 'aggressive' antibiotic treatment and was that all that was needed - she has been fine?

    thanks again,
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    My Daughter was in Her late teens when the Lyme was diagnosed.
    I can't remember what the protocol was, but believe it was
    oral antibiotics not an IV methodology. She didn't exhibit
    other than flue like symptoms, fatique, etc. Thought at 1st
    it was Mono. NO evidence of a tick bite!!! However, She
    was a Certified Vet Assistant and may have contacted it in
    another unknown manner there. (Osmosis)??? Unknown.

    Happily, She has just rec. Her M.A. Degree. Her energy level
    is not as high as it should be and still experiences some
    joint pain on occasion. It may or may not be related to Her
    Lyme encounter.

    I think you are on the correct path having an MRI for your
    Girl. I believe any abnormalities may be shown if not
    time relevant. Don't know if they will show up immediately
    after Incursion Neuro Lyme, or if time is a factor for
    such a revelation? Hopefully, your Doc will know.

    I'm keeping a positive thought for your Daughter's successful
    and timely recovery!


    P.S. Lisa, you may wish to see on "Bell's
    Palsy" The bite and other problems may not be necess. inter-
    related? Just a thought on my part. (?)(?)

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