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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsolider, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. FMsolider

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    I really was hoping that some of you can give me some advice....I want to be as healthy as possible, to be able to feel as healthy as possible. What I am struggling with is that I have so much to change about my lifestyle. I feel overwhelmed. I am not sure where to begin. My diet sucks, I smoke, I am addicted to caffine and sugar, I do exerise and that is it. I am not on any vitimins or supplements. If I try to accomplish everything in one day - I will be setting up myself for failure. So what do I work on first? Do I quit smoking first, do I work on nutrition? What does everyone suggest?
  2. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member


    You already have a great start, wanting to be healther, feeling healther that is the first give yourself an applause...and you exercise, good for you!
    Smoking, caffeine, and sugar are all very hard to quit.

    I would love to stop eating things that I know are bad for me too. I eat way too much sugar and drink too much coffee.
    I used to smoke about 20 years ago, it was the hardest thing to quit.But it can be done, thank goodness.

    I think maybe the smoking would be a good place to start.
    This way you could address the issue of better eating at the same time. I know when I quit a ate and snacked could eat healthier snacks...

    I had read somewhere when you wanted a cig to drink a glass of water, or take a shower, or water the garden or plants.Something about the makes you not want a smoke. I tell you this really did work for me..seriously.

    Eating sun flower seeds are suppose to work too. Something in the seeds make the craving go away..

    I can't wait to see the other replies...I wish you can do it, I know you can.

  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Here I go again, being the odd one out....

    But I made small changes in my habits as I learned about them. Nothing was life shattering, but each thing made me feel proud of myself and trying to do something for my health.

    I learned about the wonders of Magnesium here and started a balanced mag/cal/zinc supplement and my muscle pain disappeared. I noticed a difference in my fibro fog too within days of starting it. (The difference really was that astounding for me)

    Next I stopped all Aspartame products. Stopped my multiple diet Pepsi's a day and went to 1 regular Pepsi. Also stopped putting powder creamer in my coffee too.

    Hubby and I talked about how we ate as kids, no extra weight then, much healthier...and I decided to drink more milk (skim) cause I love the stuff. More fruits too, as kids we ate them till we couldn't eat anymore.

    I also started drinking more hot teas (in winter) and more ice water with lemon in the hotter months. (As kids we didn't have all of the crap drinks we do now)

    Hubby and I also decided that potatoes DON'T come in a box, cheese isn't made of powder etc...and slowly dropped processed foods from our diets. Now it's rare for me to have a frozen dinner in my grocery cart instead of half the cart full of them!!

    I had started to feel a bit better by now, my newly dx thyroid meds had started to help etc....only to realize how sick hubby had become. I knew he had been tired (it's been an awful year for us)but I didn't realize that he was really ill too.

    So....with our daughter coming back to live with us after being in another psych ward (only to end up in another a week later for a total of 5 this past year, hubby ill and me barely feeling better, I found myself the best of the bunch whether I was ready for it or not!!

    I knew I wanted to quit smoking and had decided that this was the year I would do it. Had no idea how I was going to do it, just knew that I really wanted to quit. While researching Wellbutrin for my daughter I found a site that listed the NicoCure All natural stop smoking patch as the best OTC for this year.

    If you're going to do it, do it right. I ordered it, was working wonderfully and then I got scared that I wouldn't succeed. So I called my doc and asked for Zyban to give me a boost. Went on Zyban for a week, then finished the NicoCure patches and lo and behold.....I stopped smoking...easily!!! It really was easy. (I've smoked over 2 packs a day for years and years, smoked for 30 years and always was a heavy smoker)

    Now I'm feeling a bit better, but hubby's tested pos for Lyme and EBV and no one is doing anything for him. So I decided to try some vitamins and natural supplements. He's barely making it through the day, and can't do his normal tasks at home either. ($500.00 mistake in checkbook, things like that)

    I ordered the Fibro Complete Multi-w/Malic Acid for myself and I noticed a slight spark with just one day. After day 2 got better, I put hubby on these too. He noticed a nice difference too.

    Anyway, I've ordered quite a few supplements for both of us and they're working. We're both doing better although him in just small ways. I'm doing great as long as it doesn't get too hot (no air conditioning in Europe). I'm dressed, up, showered, going places and taking care of things like I haven't been able to in 2 years.

    He's taking the Fibro Complete, NADH, Coenzyme Q10, Cal/Mag/Zinc, Green Tea Mega, Eleuthro, Chromium Picolate and Glucosamine in the morning. He takes 3 Peaceful Nights and 5HTP at bedtime. It made an amazing difference when he had to go to the states for a week recently. He made it, that's the difference.

    I now take Fibro Complete w/Malic Acid, Glucosamine, Cal/mag/zinc, Astragalus, Green Tea, Chromium Picolate, and this week I'm trying Milk Thistle. (Along with my regular meds of course)

    I started small with the supps because I wasn't sure what I was doing. Start small, learn more then do more. Right now these supps are helping us enough that we don't want to change anything. Only add one at a time so you can see the differences.

    So I suggest taking your time and trying small changes first. It does't take much to tweak a few things, but the differences can be amazing.

    Start small, when you realize how easy it is, you'll be more likely to continue to make small changes.

    Hugs and good luck,

    Nancy B.

    This looks funny cause 3 of us must have been typing our responses at one time!!!! Way to go ladies...

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  4. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    Hi, I have to agree with the other suggestions here that you would be well advised to stop smoking first and foremost.

    I used to smoke about 10 - 12 packets a week (before I got sick, some years ago now). I stopped easily by reading the book by Alan Carr "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking".

    Its not expensive, and its quick to read - I read it in a few days. I fully recommend it. I gave the book to some of my friends, and 2 of them stopped smoking using it too. This was about 5 years ago.

    Good luck
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    If you are overwhelmed just thinking about it, then I'd have to say that starting w/ the hardest thing first isn't a good idea, and that would be smoking. If you aren't convinced w/in yourself, then you definitely aren't ready to quit smoking yet. You really, really, really need to be ready to tackle that one.

    I'd say start w/ adding a few supplements. That's the easiest place to start. A good multi w/ minerals is easy enough to add to your meals and a probiotic for in between meals.

    If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, then cut back on it a bit. When you grocery shop, throw a bit more fresh veggies in the cart, try a variety of bell peppers in different colours, some baby carrots and get some nuts or sunflower seeds. Reach for those sometimes to snack on and add a bit of raw veggie to your meals, it helps you digest better.

    It might take you a mth to add that in and for it to start to become routine, but you'll feel empowered if you start slow and succeed. Then you can go on from there.

    And make sure you give us an update. If you've done just a few things, we'll be real happy to hear it and be the cheerleading squad.

  6. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    Thanks for all the great input! Anyone else have an opinion here?
  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I would start with the smoking and get on a good daily vitamin, such as they have in the 'store' here: usually designed with FM in mind. At least that is a start.

    Like you said, do not expect it to all be resolved in one day.

    And another tip: get on a good sleep pattern if you do not have one now.

    With those simple things you could branch out from there.

    Just my opinion.

  8. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    Your body is so full of toxins. If you get help from someone to do a detox you would have to feel better.

    I really hope you can talk to your Doctor and get advice or the name of someone who can help you do this safely.

    I have had some of the same addictions caffine and sugar.My parents smoked and I know how hard it is to stop.I am putting you on my prayer list .I really admire what you are trying to do and I know its so hard.But you CAN do it.

    Dont give up I'm excited to here how much better you feel in a few months.

    I would start with doing a bowel flush and then just do not let your self use any of these things.Cold turkey!

    You will probably feel like you are dieing but Keep your self the web for reciepes and GOOD food for good health.

    Eat more fruit and Veg. because that will help you flush things thu daily.Lots of water.

    If you go to search above and put in detox there should be things you can start doing to clean out your body.

    Your Doctor can tell you who can guild you through the next few months.Just make sure you tell your Doctor how serious you are. He may even know of a place you can go to detox.

  9. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    The detox is a real good idea. I am scared about quiting smoking because I have failed so many times. But, today I set a date to quit. I have a month to get use to the idea. I have been interested in detoxing for awhile but, always felt like it was something I could not accomplish.

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