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  1. budmickl

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    My house is small - under 600 square feet. I know that magic number for real estate is 601 square feet.

    Since there are no closets.... if I add a closet in the garage (walls, ceiling, nice shelving) would that increase my total footage?

    Just wondering....

  2. Janalynn

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    Square footage usually does not include garage space - it's usually based on living space.
    I work in the mortgage industry - a lot with appraisals etc. You'd have to add an addition on to your house to add square footage.

    Does the 600 sq ft. include your garage currently? Now if your garage is converted to living space that's different - but it would have to be an add- on, not something added 'inside'.
    Does that make sense?

  3. justjanelle

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    so I asked him. He said that as far as he knows adding on a closet in the garage would not increase your home's square feet -- unless it was directly accessible from inside the house. That means building a door through a wall between the house and garage to open directly into the closet.

    You would also need to get whatever construction permits are required in your city/town, and probably inspections too. Also consider whether adding the closet would mean making your garage too short or too narrow to hold some potential buyers' cars.

    DH recommends talking to a realtor in your area who would know the market best on whether this would be worth the time and effort for you. He never dealt with houses this small, and had never heard about the 601 "magic number" thing.

    Good luck!