real important ?/See rd tom.

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  1. Sheila1366

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    I am wondering does predisone help with fybro.?I go to rd again tom.Haven't been in over a year.My orthopedic got me an appt . with her(they are in the same office).I have been on predisone off and on for 2 weeks(2 six day packs).It has helped,I don't feel like I am gonna die anymore.My orthopedic thinks I have fybro.My oldest daughter has it.I was checked for it when I last saw rd.I had no pain in any of the pressure points.So I am confused.My daughter has never been put on predisone for her fybro. Since i have been on it I feel better, not well enough to jump up and down but better than I was.ANyway, I would appreciate any help.
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    Actually there is a condition very similar to FMS that is called polymyalgia rheumetica. It feels like fibro but is not. It can be cured if properly diagnosed. The cure is a course of prednisone or similar steroids. If you search for this on google, you will see a lot of info that may help you. Hope you get some answers to your problems!!!!
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    Welcome to our board. I see that this is your first post!

    I'm not sure who you mean that you are seeing tomorrow (rd -- is that your rheumatologist?).

    I don't think prednisone helps fibro -- it's more for the inflammation of arthritis, lupus, etc. I might be wrong, but when I have taken it, it has never helped the fibro.

    It has helped my arthritis and lupus when I have taken it, but I refuse to take it anymore when the docs want to give it to me. If it's critical that I take it, I won't take more than one pak a year.

    I don't want to suffer from the side effects. I have diabetes and it affects it. It also causes a lot of bone density problems. My cousin had to take a long-term treatment of it for his lungs--which it was imperative that he took it--but a year or so later, he had to have a total hip replacement (at age 45)--his hips were just crumbling! It was as a result of taking so much Prednisone.

    Let us know what your doc tells you tomorrow.

    Hope you get to feeling better.

    How is your oldest daughter getting along with her fibro?

    Take care,
  4. Sheila1366

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    Hey Janet, thanks for asking about Amber.I think she may be starting into a serious flare.She just had surgery last wed. Doctor found endometrosis.She was up all night a severe pain all over.She went to work yesterday even though I tried to keep her home.I think she is overdoing it.Today she is staying home.

    When she was first dx. at 12 , we were all shocked and confused.We had never heard of fybro. til then.She was so sick.She had vasovagel really bad,terrible pain and could not even get her eyes open in the morning to go to school.We ended up homeschooler her that first year,she did get to attend some school after that but ended up back homeschooling.

    When we would explain to people what she had they couldn't believe someone so young could have it.I did find some other teens out there with it, she even wrote letters to a few of them.

    Now she just doesn't like to talk about it.She is a very strong and determined girl.She did go to college,a comupter tech. school,graduated and got her first real job.I am so proud of her but I have to put the breaks on her sometimes cause she is a fighter.Like today,mama had to put the breaks on and make her stay at home.

    I agree with you about the predisone.But it is the only thing that helps my pain and I don't feel so sick when on it.But I have decidied I will stay away from it.When I see reheumy today I will let her know this and to just give me a good strong med. for pain.I don't like to take pain meds, don't like how it makes me feel in my head but I will take it if I need to.

    I appreciate you getting back with me.I have been on a different board mainly for RA.So many of them take predisone and have for a very long time.It helps to hear the other side of this.Which none of the people I have talked to on the RA board likes the stuff either.It is just their only relief and up to this point mine too.


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