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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Misfit101, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Misfit101

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    Do you watch them? Do you like them? Which are your favorites and why? I admit they're my guilty pleasure. Im drawn to those shows that feature hoarders. Dont kno why. It might be interesting to see a show with people dealing with health problems. Although my life would be particularly boring. Who wants to watch someone who lies around all the time? If others could just see what we deal with on a daily basis. Theyd have to wear our bodies tho. Ah well. I miss Wife Swap. Dont know what happened to it. Am I alone in my love of reality tv? I must be a closet voyeur lol. Rebecca
  2. rockgor

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    I don't watch any TV. Live in a house which is some kind of electronic black
    hole. No TV reception. Cell phones don't work.

    Anyhoo, I read several years ago that reality shows are not well named. Nothing real
    about them.

    People stranded on a desert island, for example, would need to work together.
    Not compete with each other.

    But what's the difference what people watch if it entertains them?

    Latest developments in TV.
    I understand scientists are studying how to clone Oprah. That way she can
    do a cooking show, a tap dancing show, a news show, etc. There will be an
    entire Oprah network.


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    Rock how can you know whats going on oh nevermind I dont watch news too depressing couldnt even watch Idol gives back because of all the sick starving children. The world seems out of control.

    I watch Hoarders SURVIOR Biggest LOSER American Idol Dancing with the stars Amazing Race The Apprentice cooking shows decorating shows.

    House Hunters International I love seeing other countries and homes there.So thats all I watvh hahahaha
  4. Ranigar

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    I am guilty.Doesn't demand a lot of attention and I enjoy them.
  5. butterflydream

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    on HGTV. Cindy Stumpo is amazing at what all she has accomplished in her life.
    Even though she employees her ex-husband and her boyfriend as a Foreman, she has a
    developement contractor business she runs and owns. Her daughter Sammy also works for her whom Cindy hopes someday Sammy will take over the business when Cindy retires.
    Cindy's son lives in Florida attending college for Pro Golf.

    These homes are beautiful to say the least.
    Anyone whom enjoys HGTV, you may enjoy Tough as Nails

    Thought i'd share this Reality tv show with you all.

  6. Misfit101

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    I love HGTV! House Hunters International. Ive seen some gorgeous homes in some gorgeous places. One home in particular sticks in my mind and it was in the states tho I dont remember which one. Theyd built this home with "pods" ...each pod connected by a glass hallway. A creek ran under it. I fell in love with that house. Beautifully done. DH and I Love dancing w the stars. Hes an excellent dancer and I think he missed his calling. And love Gordon Ramsay in any show! They might not be real, but theyre entertaining. At least they dont depress me lol. And Rock--you must do a lot of reading! We joke that they pipe sunlight in here. Weve got nothing on you lol....
  7. butterflydream

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    Oh yes, i remember that house very well on HGTV.

    The home is in Colorado, i can't remember the city/area of Colorado.