really annoying curly/frizzy hair?

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    i do. ever see the ads on hsn or qvc for the "maxiglide" hair straightening thing? it a hot flat iron with "hairbrush bristles sort of" in it. well i finally broke down and bought it. expensive. about 80 dollars. the package i bought had 2 flat irons- the large regular one and a mini one. also came with shampoo, condtioner, and 2 styling products.

    my review-----
    i have been using the "mini maxiglide" one. it is easier for me to use than the big one, which i find a bit cumbersome. this thing is freaking awesome. seriously. not just plain awesome. freaking awesome. it smooths out my wacko hair, and i look so much better. it heats up in like 15 seconds flat which amazes me. it is fast and easy to use. i only do the hair around my face, because that is the gross frizzy part. only takes a few minutes - and its actually fun to see my hair turn pretty.

    my hair looks sooo much better that it inspires me to even slap on some makeup (which i never do anymore.) the makeup really helps too.

    bare essentials makeup (powder) is good stuff. so fast and easy to put on and has good coverage and looks natural.

    waterprooof mascara cuz its summer. dont forget to use eyelash curler first- reallly helps.

    tiny bit of lipstick. i like pinky/coral colors.

    anywhoo- just wanted to let everyone know that the maxiglide is working wonders for my hair. maybe one could get it on ebay for cheaper? or try to find a similar product at walmart or ulta?

    anyone else have beauty tips or stories to share?

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    impt edit- i just looked the product up in case anyone is interested in it. and the little one that i use is called the "maxius miniglide" and is only $30.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!! trust me- its worth every penny!!!! i wish i had known and i would have only bought that one for 30 not the whole large combo kit for 80- but its ok - i am just so happy to have a thing that makes my hair look good![This Message was Edited on 07/12/2010]
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    I havde also seen thosre things and wondered about them However, my problem is I need curls . Wonder if it will really curl my hair easily besides straighten. If so I guess the Miniglide might help. I am tiared of my straight hair that I have to fuss with all the time and it is short too. AACCKK!! We are never happy are we :) !!!

    BTW, if you have any extra curls you do not want, you can send them to me. I would love some extra curly hair.

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    wow- you never learned to wear makeup? did you ever wear some products? which ones?

    how to learn- ask some females who you know. i'm sure they be happy to tell you or even show you, or do a fun little makeover on you. just tell them how you prefer it. i would guess "natural style". or do you want to try sexy or glamorous or whatever? could be fun! you could surprise yourself! if i lived near you i would love to show you, if you would allow me to!

    other ways to learn- google it. i am sure there is a ton of info on web. or get a book or dvd. go to beauty salon. or department store or the shop called "ULTA" - they prob offer free or low cost advise in selecting products and how to apply.

    do you have any makeup? best place to buy affordable makeup is walmart or any drugstsore even just grocerystore.

    here's the basic rundown. and order of application.
    1. concealer (only if needed)
    2. foundation (liquid or powder etc) or skip this if your skin looks great naturally
    3. blush
    4. eyes--- eyeliner, then eyelash curler, then mascara (waterproof)
    5. lips- lipstick or tinted gloss etc

    (you would also need eyemakeup remover for when you wash face before bed.)

    so whadya think? when i was a teenager i wanted to become a makeup artist. i was reallly good with it and loooved to makeover my friends. i still get the urge to do makeovers on people. how wierd is that? i have a neighbor friend who wears little to zero makeup. which is fine, great. but i do just wonder what she would look like with a sexy makeover- just for fun.

    of course i know that inner beauty is the most important, but lookin good on the outside sure does give ya a boost!


    take care

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    aint it the truth! straight haired gals get perms, curly haired gals buy straighteners!!!

    what do you use to curl you hair?

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    well i am glad you asked. no, i dont think the miniglide would be good for giving your hair the curls you want. i think other styler would be better. like a curling iron or a hot air curling brush thing. or a perm??? ask a hairstylist for some advise.



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    Thanks for the advice except I already use a curling iron and put lots of spray on it. The main problem is I have think hair and it takes awhile and it hurts for me to have to hold the curling iron up for so long. I would get a perm but I already color my hair and I do not think it is a good idea. It is also expensive enough !

    Maybe I should go oout and get a wig :) !!
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    Thanks for the tip, it sounds like a wonderful product.

    I enjoy wearing make-up too and my best advice came from a tip posted on this board a few years ago.

    Due to menopause, my face sweats a lot and I used to have a hard time keeping my foundation from running off my face. A poster recommended I try Revlon's ColorStay foundation. It's wonderful! I can even take a shower without causing my make-up to run or fade. The other ColorStay products are great but best of all is the ColorStay foundation.

    Although I like wearing eye make-up, I've never found a mascara that is truly waterproof, smudge proof, etc. Any suggestion?

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    anne- i got just some plain waterproof mascara from cover girl and it seems really good.

    jam- please please please post a pic of yourself on your profile. pretty please?!

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    I'm sure that they would be willing to give you some help--sure they would like you to purchase their line, but it would be a lot cheaper than going to a dept store like Macy's.

    Another idea would be to check your yellow pages for a beauty school in your area. I'm sure you could find someone in a beauty school to help you.
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    I LOVE this thread. I finally broke down and went to get my hair cut today. I literally have gone 4 months with wearing my hair up and never styling it, maybe a bit longer. I hate getting my hair cut b/c I always end up hating it. I have extremely thick half curly half straight hair, it used to be all really curly, which is not easy to work with. Anyhow, I absolutely LOVE what the gal did with my hair. For the first time in my life I walked out of the salon feeling great. I liked her so much I'm going back next week to get highlights! My sweet little boy later told me, "mommy, you look prettier than I've ever seen you with your new hair!" OMG! How great is he? As a single parent I credit it to stellar parenting.

    I have to change my mascara every few months b/c my eyes start to get itchy. I currently use collosal by maybeline. I also prefer physicians formula to bare minerals, and it is cheaper. I also really like the earth theraputics brushes and products at Target.

    If you'd like to learn how to put on make up try the Origins or Clinique counters at your local dept store. They do the make up for free. Don't feel pressured to buy anything, you have no commitment to buy their products.

    I also have to push my favorite brand of body care stuff, Say Yes to Carrots. My skin looks and feels much more youthful and clear since I started using it. I love the night cream and eye contouring cream. I also love the say yes to cucumbers eye gel. I keep these 3 items in my fridge which makes them feel so nice and soothing when I put them on. I also love the body butter. It has helped smooth out the appearance of my new stretch marks that make me look like I am ripping open at the seam. I think it is the vitamin e in the products, but what ever it is I LOVE it!

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    hi everyone! it is fun to talk about girly stuff sometimes!

    good tips and ideas from everyone.

    kat- (hiya!) thats awesome that you got a cool new 'do! and that your son loved it. how cute! yeah, curly hair is very tricky! half curly half straight sounds tricky too. but you found a good stylist. yippee! can i come meet her? LOL

    i use same mascara (colossal -maybeline). i use eyelash curler first- helps alot. when i run out of bare minerals i might check out the phys formula. thanks for the tip!

    i gave my mom a make over tonight. it turned out SUPER!!! she is almost 70, but looks younger, is attractive, and wears a tiny tiny bit of makeup everyday. just a very little. but i gave her "the works"!!! went all out for glamorous. then i used the "miracle" miniglide on her crazy curly hair. when i was done, i said OK now you can look in the mirror. she coulndt believe how great her hair and makeup looked!!!!!

    it was so fun! she is all excited, now! she wants to buy a few products that she doesnt have or use (eyeliner, new blush, diff color lipstick). i m not sure who was more excited about her successful makeover - her or me?! (it was nice that finally something positive happened in my life.) she said she is definately going to buy the miniglide!!!!!!!!! ASAP!

    take care all you "girls" out there,
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    I once heard that using a wet brush and powder eye shadow is better than eyeliner for older people b/c the skin isn't as tight as it used to be, not sure if this applied to your mom but I thought I'd add just in case. Of course my friend who told me this ended up getting her eyeliner tattooed on at 64 b/c she had such a hard time getting her eyes lined evenly.
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    that is a really good idea. it WAS hard to get the eyeliner on her. and i was thinking about using eyeshadow instead, but i dont have any eyeshadow right now, and neither does she!

    i know someone who has the tattoo eyeliner as well. it look "ok". not great, but not bad. good enough.

    i bought some lipstick at fancy ole walmart today. (LOL) the brand is rimmel. and they were only $3.00. came home and tried them on, and really liked them. i will have to see if they "wear" well or not.

    after so many years of being sooooo sick w cfs, and almost never wearing makeup- this is like meeting an old friend (makeup) from soo long ago. i have to get reaquainted with everything. its not like i am gonna wear it everyday- but just slowly getting back into it. i look WAY better with makeup on!!!!!!

    i have super light brows- and i find it hard to make them look better, but still natural. and eyeshadow confuses me. so many colors. i think i look better without it! that makes it easy-- NO eyeshadow!

    see ya!

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    SO true about nobody liking what they have re their hair, height, etc.! I have stick straight hair with little body. The only time it really looked good was late 1960s/early 1970s when long stick straight hair was 'in' LOL. I still wear it shoulder length tho I'd like to go shorter but, it's ashy blonde (getting 'ashier' of course) and if it's not cut evenly it shows! I've only had 2 haircutters in my life get it right, so have settled for shoulder length.

    Have you heard of "PLOPPING" your hair, LOL?
    I thought of this thread when I saw this 'wiki-how' - the author has curly. tending to frizzy- hair, wondering how it would work for me with the opposite (since it does take a curl well tho I'm too lazy to curl with anything cuz of the length of my hair).

    Speaking of eyes & brows... what color did you use for your Mom, Bigmama?
    I used to have really naturally dark eyebrows even tho I'm very fair, now they're greyed out. Anything I try looks unnatural (too dark) and I haven't seen anything that is a light brown.

    I also have a hard time with mascara as I'm allergic to 99% that I've tried - and anyway, they're mostly too dark (the problem with the one that I could wear for a few hours). The real difficulty is my lashes have white-blonde roots, so really hard to get good coverage without getting in my eyes too!

    One more comment - I have tried powdered mineral foundation, my friend and I tried it at a store - we looked like we had way more wrinkles!!!! even tho we had used moisturizers.

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    Good afternoon friends, how are you all. If you want straight hairs then don't take medicines, don't use chemical products(cosmetics) and don't use hair styling tools as straightener to get straight hairs. According to me, You should use home remedies only as curd; wash your hairs with curd only it helps to remove dandruff or it also straightened your hairs.There are also so many home remedies by which using it you also can get straight, silky or shiny hairs.