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    I don't remember which post(s) they were but who has had a back fusion, I was just wondering what type symptons you were having. My lower back causes me so much pain I can hardly stand it at times, it even hurts when I urinate like it's putting pressure on my bladder. I have pain going down the back side of my legs. I had a MRI done then took it along with the write up from the radiologist to my neurosurgeon. According to the write up my back is in really bad shape causing me to need back surgery. Well my neurosurgeon said there was nothing that looked wrong in the x-ray film from the MRI. He wants me to go to physical therapy. Has anybody else had this problem with their back or Dr. Didn't mean to get long winded but it really irritates me when I'm in so much pain then to be told they don't see anything wrong and start walking every day.

    Well thanks for listening.
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    Hi Sue
    Just over a year ago I was in the same situation as you. I had chronic lower back ache. I could hardly stand, walk or sleep. My doctor was very good and kept increaseing my pain medication and refering me to see back specialist. I was going to the chiropractor fortnightly. My poor husband who was recovering from a nervous breakdown had to spend hours massaging my legs and feet day and night! He was forever heating up wheat bags and hotwater bottles. I live in New Zealand where you have to wait many months or longer before you get to see a specialist then some more waiting to get your MRI. I had at least 9 months of severe pain before I had my MRI. My the time I got to see the specialist again all my pain medication and a osteopath helped to take away some of my leg pain. also saw another specialist to see if I had FM, which he comfirmed. My back specialist was waiting to see what the FM specialist said before he would operate on my lower damaged disc. (it didn't take a specialist to see on the MRI that the disc was knackered) When I got to see the back specialist again and he read that I had FM he looked at my MRI scan and said that he didn't think it was urgent and removed me from his operating list. I was mad! I felt like I got to the top of the queue to be pushed back to the bottom. I decided to slowly cut out my pain killers and wait for the severe pain to come back. That was in April and my back pain is slowly getting bad again. Next time I am not going on all the maxium strong pain killers.
    Have you thought of taking your MRI to a back specialist or some other health professional. When my back and legs were so painful I tried every way possible to get the right health benefits.
    I wish you health and happiness
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    In March I had a really bad upper respiratory infection. The horrid cough hurt my lower back everytime I coughed. After a few months and my being almost unable to walk I went to my Dr. He said he thought I had a pinched sciatic nerve. He sent me to physical therapy and they helped me alot. I had aqua therapy and deep tissue massage. x-rays showed I have deteriorated disk disease and the actual disk space between the last 2 vertebrae showed no disk. At first the PT hurt a lot and made my symptoms worse. After about 3 weeks I could see a difference. The pain was very bad and I had sharp pains into my hips and down my leg. The sharp pains have stopped. It is now manageble. The reason I did not go to my Dr. earlier is I thought it was just a FM flare and would go away. I have talked to many who have had surgery and almost all wish they had not. Most had worse problems after surgery. My sister-in-law now has a completly numb leg as a result of her surgery. She now limps and did not before. I wish you luck. The PT may really help just don't quit as soon as you start hurting more or get sore,that passes.
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    I do have disk problems in my lower back. In fact that's my worst problem right now. I have sciatica down my right leg and it hurts all the time. I'm afraid to have surgery though because I know of too many people that are worse off because of it. Hope you can get some answers about your problem.
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    Everyone wants to be heard. Part of our human nature!! When you tell a medical professional that you are in pain, YOU ARE!!!! Please find a new with a heart!
    I hear there is this guy in Oz....
    Love, Peace and Chicken Grease to all, Braidie
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    First let me say I KNOW how you are feeling, on Christmas Day of 2001 I was in so much pain I couldn't get my underwear on and ended throwing a chair across the room! It is very frustrating. Since then I have been going to a Pain Mgt specialist and I have had 6 procedures/injections on my lower back. I have DDD of L2&3, and Fribo and bursitis in my hips and now tomorrow I'm having injections into my sciatic nerves to help with some of the hip and leg pain I am having. This Pain Mgt thing REALLY helps. You just have to give it time and sometimes you'll need multiple injections before you can really see a difference. I have had Facet Joint injections and a Radio Frequency procedure that kind of "nukes" the main nerve that causes the pain, it makes the nerve retreat and can last from 3 mths - 2 yrs. So far so good. Since then I have been able to get my life back somewhat and I've been doing a lot of walking and have lost a few pounds. One other thing, have you tried ICE on the affected area? I know it sounds weird but IT WORKED FOR ME! I would have terrible muscle spasms and it would freeze them up so it would stop. Best of Luck and hang in there and keep trying!! Hugs to you ((((((((((Sue))))))), I'll keep you in my prayers.