Really bad herxing on Olive Leaf and Lysine

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  1. Hi everyone. I am female, diagnosed with HHV-6 from positive PCR on whole blood (viral DNA in my blood) as well as high titres. I've been sick since Nov or Dec and was bedridden for 3 months, but now I'm partially bedridden, but totally housebound still. I'm going to try Valcyte, but am a little worried about a severe herx at week 3 like everyone talks about, because I herx off the smallest doses of Olive Leaf Extract and off Lysine. Sometimes I'll take an empty capsule and open up a capsule of either of those and put about 1/8 of the capsule into an empty one and take that, and then I get a herx reaction - super tired, weaker than I already am, sometimes a headache or dizziness. Does anybody else herx that badly off of such a small amount? Maybe it's because my viral load is so high, considering it's unusual to actually have a positive PCR of HHV-6 and not just high titres?

    Has anybody else herxed really badly off of these and then went on to try Valcyte? Thank you!
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    Sorry to answer you question, not completely, but to the best of my ability!

    What dose of Olive Leaf are you taking? I too am loaded with viruses (or was) and my body is extremely sensitive to Olive Leaf as it is also anti-microbial. Last time I tried Lysine I did not herx, but it's been awhile. I have not tried Valcyte, but my answer is yes to your first question.

    You can herx hard when your bacterial/viral load are very high. It bites, but I try my best to detox as much as possible