REAlly Bad night last night

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    I don't really know when it all started but by about 7:00 pm, I had one of the most painful headaches I have ever had. It was over and in my left eye and the pain made me sick to my stomache. I hurt all over and felt like I was sitting on an ice bolck with ice all around me. The pain in my head was horrialbe and so was the pain in the rest of my body. I felt like I was sitting on ssharp pocky rocks, that there were pins and needles sticking me all over my body. I felt like my body was heavy , and so tender, my breathing felt like I really had to work at keeping it normal and not hyperventlate from all the pain.

    I took a hydromorphone 4mg at 6 pm and it did nothing at all to ease,rellieve any of my pain from the head ache or the rest of my body. I also took some thing to settle my stomcahe as I felt so naseous. I tried a hot bath but that didn't do much as soon as I got out I was once again freezing and shivering so hard each muscle hurt to the core. I tried to eat some thing knowing that taking a pian pill on an empry stomache was not good. But even the thought of food only increased my feeling on nauesa, I tried to eat a few crackers and they stayed down. I wanet in the bedroom and laid down my left side feeling that I needed the pressure to hold my head on.

    Thinking that I could get my mind off this pain I watched a TV show I enjoy on Sunday evenings but it was so hard to hold my head up that I had to go and lay down again.

    I ate a few saltines so that I could take my soma, and mscontin and then went to bed. I never go to bed before 2 am or later . I didn't sleep just tossed and turned as my body hurt so much, I felt like teh princess and the pea as I could feel every lump, knots in the beddding, even with the memory foam mattress pad the bed was harder than rocks and I felt each little rock , pebble, and my arms were going tingely and had shooting pain, pain so deep inside each muscle fiber, tendon and even bone, kept me from sleeping. I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours when it was only an hour or so.

    None of the pain meds or the soma seemed to ease my pain and I would have cried but it would have hurt too much, my body was crying out for this horrialbe pain to ease a bit but nohting seemed to help me. I got up and tried to sit in the recliner and relax but it didn't do much to help me either so I just went back to bed. I was in bed for the night before 9:00 pm some thing that rarely happens to me. I Must have fallen alseep at some point as the next time I looked at the clock it was after 1:00 am.

    I got up and made myself eat a bit and took another pain pill and soma, I went back to bed still feeling like I had been beaten up and had my head in a vise and my body was lying on sharp pebbles again. I didn't sleep much after that and finally gave up at 5 am.
    I am feeling a bit better now the headache is much better and my eye does not hurt like it did. But I feel like every muscle has been over worked by my shoivering as I could not get warm last night dispite the amount of covers I had on or how high the heat was set too.

    I don't remember the last time I felt like this and I am praying that I never feel this way again.My muscles ache so deeply and are so tender, I am stiff and sore as if I had worked out and overdone it. I am still a bit foggy and can't remember how to spell wordss but that is not unusal for me. My neck is stiff and sore, I can tell you every bone i have ever injured be it a break, sprain or what ever.
    I have eaten and taken my morning pain meds and still feel like they are not doing much at all. I have not clue as to what is happeneing to me. I don't know if this is jsut a nasty flare due to changing weather patterns, or what , I just know I have not felt like this in years. What is happening to me and way? I would call my rehumy but he is out of town and my GP does not deal with my fibro and MPS,DDD,spinal stenosis, bulllllging discs, osteoarthritis in both knees, and left wrist.

    I am so sleepy and need more sleep but can't sl eep as I have treid since 5 am. So I have put a load of laundry in adn now am going back to bed to try and sleep. MY hubby has left for work so it does not matter how much I toss and turn it won't bother him now.

    I know that this sounds strange but the pain is so bad , I am struggleing to deal with each twich, or startle of each mucle when I finally can relax. this pain is so deep and yet still my skin hurts to the touch. I know exactly where every tender point is at. And each of them are very tender to the tocuh. I really hate feeling like this and am so confused about it too, I thought I knew about what types of pain fibro sends my way but this is different and unexpected, I dont' know what body part is going to scream at me next.

    Thank you for lisetneing to me vent , compain and whine.
    HUGS to all

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