really BAD WEEK !!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 26, 2005.

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    Tuesday I was seating a bowl of cottage cheese and peaches because they sounded so good but with in 20 .inutes I was in thie worst abdominal pain I have ever had, and it was getting wosrse at time went on so my MOm took me to the Er and after sesveral test blood tests adn a ultrasound I was told that I have seveal gallstones that are bad enough that they need to be removed asap.

    I also have amy oldest daughters wedding today and I am following the same thing that happend to me last year. 4 days before the younest got maried I stipped and shatter my left wrist and had to have major surgery on it. So now instead of tripping and falling I develpoped gallbadder deiease and the gall bladder surgery is on next wenesday. And i am scared spitless.
    Everyone is worried about hte bride and I have gootten lots of MOM don't tell anyone that your sick don't feel good or are taking pain meds OK!? so I will be nice and shut up and not tell anyone how I am feeling or if i am in pain.

    MY family is more worirred about the hubby and him finding the money to pay for this surgery. WE have had some medical bill problems that have not been resolved so we have to pay at the surgical center $500.00 before I can have the sugery and at the doctors they want the entire cost before the insurance has had time to pay them $1, 659.00 and the insurance will be paying 80% of it this after my dedecutble has been paid and i have about $100.o left of it to be paid.

    But it seems that everyone watn all there money before the insuranec will have time to pay them for it and it has been oked and will be paid. But it is scaring the heck out of me. as everyone seems to be more worried aobut hmy husband and what he has to pay that they are baout me having surgery that for me is tough and I don't do the normal things when I have surgery.

    I know that the girls love me and respect me me but I feel so alone with this and so darned scared about having this surgery , you would think after having so many I wound not panic like I feel I am doing. I am really scared of this and it is making me nervouse and i worry that i will get sick at the wedding and embareass my daughter and she will be all mad at me for ruining her wedding stupid right? but I am so afarid of having this surgery. it really terrifies me to be put under and to wake up in pain.

    I just want to be normal not this person who has to take Mscontin 100 mgs and MSIR 30 mgs soma 350 mgs and a few more. I wreally watch how much meds i am takinga t one time. I can take up to 500 mgs of the ms contin but I don't take that much only 2 -3 of the pills. But still it worries me that i will never bjhave the paincontroled inmy lifetime.

    I amfrightened andscard and I feel all alone and so loost withthis and I don't want to do it "what is wrong with me"? Why am I so afaried of htis surgery and I know that it will mke it feel better in time but I just wnt to get the heck out of dooge adnleave befoer they can do it,. But I won't and I don't know how we are going to pay for all of this stuff, I am not working so i have NO money andmy husband is diebetic and is working him self to the ground . What if something goes wrong? I Know that I had stupid fears about this surgery bbbbut OI am so frightened about having ot have it what am I going to do? I am worried about htis and i am so screard about it too. and I don't want to do this. I am scared so badly/

    So if you will plesase pray for me that I will be less frightened nd less fworried about this and bless the doctors hands that they will be guided to do the job right andsfely and that there will be no complacations from this surgery. I am so sscared about this and fighthebed aboiut this surgery. PLase bless me with streghth and calmness and that K wiall have good docotrs and i will be fine and the pain will e less than normal.

    Sorry for rambling on and on and whinnign aboug me. I am just a baby about me. Please bless me with comfort and peace of mind and soul that all will be well andI will be
    comforted here. I have may friends here and want you all to know just how much i car about you. Thanks for listending to me be a big baby. I am being a baby about htis surgery , I know that i hvvae good familllllliy and friends that will be her tohelp ,e . thaks for your supporting me like you always do so. Thanks ,
    LOve you all ,
  2. PVLady

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    I strongly suggest you take a complete list of all the current pain meds and the amounts you are taking with you to the hospital. They need to know so they can continue to treat your "regular" pain after the surgery.

    I just went through a terrible time with my mother. I don't want to scare you, but they drastically under-treated her pain while she was in the hospital.

    You might want to read my post on the subject.

    Someone in your family needs to step up as your advocate for pain treatment after your surgery. Talk to your doctor and make sure they order the pain meds "around the clock" not just PRN. If they are ordered PRN (as needed) the nurses can pretty much decide on their own if you get pain meds or not.

    Also, ask that the doctor who treats your pain is called in for a "consult" to oversee your pain treatment during your hospital stay.

    As far as I am concerned, after what I went through with my mother, you are right to be concerned.

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    any surgery is scary, but I had my gallbladder out a few years ago and they use a laser now I went home the same day, if you have only had one gallbladder attack and they want to take it out do it! I suffered for 2 yrs before mine was taken out . I'm not trying to minimalize it surgery is surgery, but I came out of it in great shape . Sorry to hear about the pain your in and your financial situation been there myself , with pain meds you should be able to make through the wedding , take care of yourself and try to enjoy the day !

    Best Wishes Kathy
  4. 69mach1

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    hi rosemarie,

    right now you have a lot of other stressors going on besides your daughters wedding.

    i had my gall bladder and spleen taken out at the same time. went in for surgery at 9 am. i was up and talking on the phone to the girls at work at 2 pm.

    i felt so great compared to the last 11 years to figure out the i had gall stones and a herediraty blood disease.

    i had the surgery in 1994 i had a high risk surgery due to the spleen being removed because of the risk of infections setting in i had to get few vacations. i had to wait an addtional 6 months after the dx becasue i had dr. tell me that i had lymphoma thought it was just in the spleen. so he put me on predinosone. so they had to wait 6mos. because of the vains getting thinned out and the risk of hemmoraging.

    well i felt so much better after the surgery i wished they foung this out sooner.

    well you will be just fine don't get nervous if you can try.
    they can do the laprscopy surgery on the gall bladder now days. the worst part of the surgery for me was the after affects of trying to stay close to the potty. i lost 10 lbs. the first week after surgery.

    but i had a incision from my navel all the way up to my sternum.

    i've known other people they get this lapscoppy surgery and they are up and working in 3-7 days.

    you will have pain meds and i don't think your pain will feel nearly as bad as when you went to the e.r.

    you can only do what you can at the wedding, and if you don't feel well tell someone cause if you are running a fever then you must go to the hospital to get the gall bladder out sooner.

    just try to relax. you're not going to believe how much better you will feel after the surgery.

    best of luck

  5. rileyearl

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    I'm sorry to hear about all the stress and pain you're having right now. Try to enjoy your daughter's big day and scoop some of her happiness right off the top. That should take the stress down a notch. Know that all kinds of good thoughts are coming from my direction! Here's a hug (((o)))

  6. mommy22

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    I have already said a prayer and will continue to do so. I had a minor proceedure done a few months ago and was freaking out about being put under. My daughter had to have an operation a couple weeks ago and that scared me even worse. Everything went fine and we are both better for it now. God will take care of you and wants you to hand your fear over to Him. As hard as it is, trust Him. take care of yourself and feel the power of everyones thoughts and prayers. Hugs...big hugs, SOnya

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