really depressed after seeing rhummy

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    I"m so depressed. He didn"t spend 10mins with me my husband was with me. he read the questionaire I had filled out before he came in.
    he then pressed for trigger points. mine our neck ,shoulders, elbows,wrist.knees and ankles,
    I told him its a burning achy pain, and that I"m very weak and fatigue. so he says he wants to put me on prednisone, wants a bone density test and blood work. he thinks I have polmyalgia rheumatica, then hands me a paper on this disease.because of my age. now I have had this on and off for over 10 yrs.and in the report it says your doctor will consider your symptoms along with results of your physical examination,and results of lab test. but he didn"t even have the lab test back yet.I only have 2 of the symtoms. it also said your doctor will explain the risk in taking prednisone. which he didn"t. but I aready knew and I"m not willing to take it without more careful consideration of my symptoms.any suggestion. Hugs Sixtyslady
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    thinking for yourself. Prednisone has so many ill side effects, and doesn't sound like a good fit. If your immune system is low, it will suppress it further. Hope you can find better help than this dud. Blessings to you. Jen102
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    At last we can get on the board!

    Well, what a jerk. WHY Prednisone? I would get a second opinion for sure as my heart doctor just told me that the dilated aorta I have was probably the result of taking Prednisone.

    I want to get back later as I want to look up PR and see what the treatment is for that and the symptoms too.

    No wonder you are depressed. This really was not good enough and I would not take Prednisone at all unless you had serious inflamation somewhere and even then I would think ten times.

    I am so sorry he was like this. Did he also have a crystal ball???(LOL)

    Love Anne C
  4. Jo29

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    I get the impression that this is the first time you have seen this doctor? Well anyway, if it is, it sounds like he isn't worth the effort of going in to see him.

    Your first appt. should be at least 45 mins. long.

    My first appt. with my new Rheumy was about an hour. Very thorough. I felt like she was just there for me.

    These Rheumies are something else. Some of them anyway.

    I couldn't get one in my town to even look at me!! My blood tests weren't text book. I have Lupus.

    I had to go out of town to get one, and I am so glad that I did. My GP, dermatologist, and my fibro NP, all tried to get me into one and they still refused.

    So finally I was diagnosed with Lupus. I also already had FM and CFS.

    After your next appt., if you are not satisfied with his diagnosis (along with blood tests), I would ditch him.

    What did your DH think about him?


  5. morningsonshine

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    I went to see a rheumy before x-mas and was very disappointed.
    Then when i saw my records i got mad. He undiagnosed my CFS.
    He made me wait an hour and a half before i saw him. He did take alot of time asking questions and stuff. But i was so flustered from having to wait so long, i just wanted to go home.
    Then, because it was to late in the day, after 5:00, he couldn't even do the lab work told me to come back.

    Gave me three precriptions,(ambien, something for migraines,and tylenol p.m.) before even testing me(i never filled them) offered to shot me up with cortizone, and said he could give me alittle something for my mood swings. Talk about a drug pusher!!

    Undiagnosed my CFS because he dosen't believe in it. Told my i had hypermobile joints and a sleeping problem.

    Then proceed to tell me, when i asked how did he explain my sore throats, and swollen lymph glands, That with three kids i was bound to be sick.

    I will never go back to see this man.
    Sorry sixtylady, i hope you are able to get the care you deserve.
    (((hugs to you)))
  6. sydneysider

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    I'm puzzled as to the diagnosis of Polymyalga, as this should clear up, even without treatment in 1 to 4 years, according to some info that I've read.

    You would also be likely to have weight loss and anemia with Polymyalgia.

    If you don't have polymyalgia then there's no use taking prednisone. I suggest that you do a web search for Polymyalgia, and read the facts for yourself.

    Aching, and weakness, and fatigue can be caused by a number of conditions. Thyroid, and Lyme disease are two that come to my mind. Perhaps the blood tests will show up something.

    Unfortunately doctors seem to misdiagnose quite a bit, so you are right to question what you are told. If you can't get an accurate sounding diagnosis from this doctor, then I guess that it's best to try elsewhere. I suggest also to not be afraid of asking doctors as many questions as you need to ask. You're the one paying for the consultation.

    Good luck.
    Hope you find that you have something that is totally curable.
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    I agree with the other poster. Polymyalgia rheumatica would have gone away by now, if you had it. Rheumy's for the most part are pretty useless for treating this in my opinion. I would find another Dr., possibly a pain clinic. Have you tried tramadol and neurontin? They really work well for me together, and I have the burning pain.

    Take care and I hope you find something that works for you!

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    I am so sorry you had a bad experience. I guess I can scratch him off my list now too. I will keep searching for one for us around here. Are you limited by a certain insurance company?

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    I didn"t know if my post last night would get on because the board was down so I entered another,I was so depressed I could"t sleep last night. but my new post says what I think I will do now that I"ve had time to calm down,so please read if you get the chance.
    grg1988 where you put on prednisone? I wonder if these Dr,s realize how they make us feel, when we"re commimg to them for hope and they just dimiss what we"re trying to tell them. I thought My husband was going to come unclued when this guy spent all of 5mins with me and decided what was wrong, without lab results.he ask me at the end of his examine what bother me the most right now and I told him my ankles and feet where the most painful and the fatigue. I tried to explain to him that its a burning achy pain. and he just glance at me like really. Thanks guys . Hugs sixtyslady