Really discouraged, how bad is brainfog

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by minkanyrose, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. minkanyrose

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    I thought I was doing pretty good but to find that I am not able to concentrate or understand as much as I thought I was really kind of shocks me.

    I went to court today to get divorce and I was having a bad day but didn't think is was that bad that my lawyer was trying to ask me a question and I COULDN'T GET IT..

    My 17 year old daughter was in the room with me and she tried to explain it to me and I couldn't get it. I am kind of scared because I didn't think it was that bad Is this really true for us?

    The question my lawyer ask me was which document has more information that needs to be presented, and I was clueless my daughter was dumb founded that I didn't get it. I felt sooooooooo stupid and now am scared I look so stupid to others.

    does anyone else have these kinds of problems?
  2. mymichelina

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    Very often....sometimes I go into a store and suddenly I do not know why I am there...or where I am...or what I am supposed to do......over and over in my my mind I envision myself flying home...just rising out of the store to home. I spent 3 hrs in Macys one night when I just was returning an item, but my mind could comprehend what I was supposed to do. Now I will not go anywhere alone. Scary
  3. mariee

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    I am so sorry you experienced this.
    I have this problem too. It is bad enough when I have normal days, then toss in stressful situation and I am in a total fog. I once introduced my daughter to her cousin....they have known each other for 25+ years....

    Now I am practicing a form of meditation to focus my mind, and when I am stressed I do some breathing and focusing.
    Seems to be helping.

    I hope you get some rest...stress and lack of sleep make my brain fog worse.
    Best wishes!
  4. DoveL

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    Hey there!

    I don't know how long you have had CFS/or FMS, but the first 2-3 years I was ill(I was housebound), I could not even balance a checkbook, or drive a car(because I would get lost in my own neighborhood-talk about brain fog)..

    The good news has gotten MUCH BETTER..I work a part-time job now, and last year I was able to go to school part-time and retain lots of information. (not like a 'healthy brain though')

    I try to do some computer games/puzzles to keep my mind stimulated. Also, make sure you have some 'down time' and quiet time during the day, where you can just rest and be quiet.

    I find when I am around alot of stimulation, like drving and or alot of sounds or noises, like in a resuraunt, the brain fog gets worse. It sounds like that is what may have happened to you in court. When there is alot of background noise, and things going on at once, it is worse. This is what I would call 'sensory overload'.

    Feel better soon! you are not alone.


  5. spacee

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    Oh yes, that is really bad for you and all of us that have that.

    I remember working the concession stand for Little League. A man bought quite a bit and gave me 2 twenties. I gave him the wrong change back. Then he tried to explain to me how I miscalculated. And I couldn't understand what he was saying.

    It is very embarrassing. I agree with the sensory overload but now that I am an empty nester and the house is quiet, it is still just as bad. I wanted to join the book club but I can't read the books they are reading.

    When they did that post on rating how bad you are. I rated in the 30 just like the housebound people. They can use their brains but I can exercise.

    I just started drinking green tea today and I am much more alert than I have been in months. In fact, I shouldn't drink it after 3 pm, I think. Too early to tell how good this will be.

    Hugs to you. Spacee
  6. CarolK

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    The reason I ask this is because I found one particular AD that really made the "brain-fog" much worse!

    PAXIL!!! I went to the movies with my daughter one day... a few days later I could not remember the entire movie, who was in it or what the name of it was!

    That really scared me... and I was finding that I was having more memory lapses while on PAXIL.

    I went off PAXIL and my memory improved!! I am on a different one now (generic for prozac) and it is so much better and really helps alot with the pain.

    Yes I still have some brain-fog... but not near as bad.

    So check out your meds (if you are on any) to see if they are contributing to the problem.

    Blessings... CarolK
  7. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    i have been on it for 2 years though it may be a help in memory also. I am very stressed due to the major fact my lawyer caught my husband emotionally manipulating our 16 year old daughter sent her into a major depression yesterday also. I have been trying to prove that he was doing this and when my lawyer witnessed it he said ok you got your proff i saw it with my own eyes a form of emotional abuse is what my lawyer said he was going to bring up in court .

    thank you all for your reply i appreciate all the info i can get.
  8. kathy0727

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    Those days come and go for me, as I'm sure they do for all of you. I keep a journal with me all the time. It helps me reflect back on where my head was at a few days ago, and I also use it as a "to do" list. Any thoughts I have that I want to remember when I need to, I jot down in my journal. I also do 2-3 puzzles from the newspaper every morning. I use that to try and get my focus in gear. Some days I finish them in no time, and others never get done. And I certainly have days where I'm useless, but I can usually contribute those to stress or lack of sleep. I hope some of my "tricks" are of some use to others.
  9. EllenComstock

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    I know how frustrating and embarrassing this can be, but keep in mind that getting a divorce must be very stressful. My brain fog always gets worse when I am stressed out.

  10. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    improved when I changed Ad's . I needed a change .

    I also found help taking small amonts of amino acids , even with zoloft .

    I take " amino fuel" by twin labs - a liquid .
    I also take phenylalinine and VIT B6 ( have to have them together ) . I take only a half capsule because of the AD .

    Check out this site for amino info : "The Way Up From Down" Dr Priscilla Slagle .

    You do have to use some aminos in small doses if you are on Ad's, but I have found these to be enormously helpful.