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    I have been suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for many years. I became very frustrated and disillusioned with doctors even wholistic ones. But, I found someone who literally changed my life and I am now living like what I would think a "normal" person lives like - pain free. Dr. Steven Silverman is a wholistic practitioner who uses very advanced methods of kinesiology and homeopathy. He uses batteries and other things to "amplify" body weaknesses that would go by undetected otherwise.A nd he uses kinesiology not only to detect weaknesses, but to specifically tailor the right remedies for your particular condition. If anyone is interested in what he does, you can go to his website: and read in much more detail, what he does. He also has posted, some of his patients' testimonials that you might find interesting. You can also call(631)724-6780.
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    where are you located?? have you put ur good dr on doxys good dr list?
    hard to find a good dr that listens.. good for you!!
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    Hi Painfreeme,

    I don't want to sound like to much of a skepic or negative, but this is your first post to this forum and this sounds like an advertisement.

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    Just how much does THIS cost??? He's going to set up an office in my home? I'd say, if you're not a millionaire, good luck getting treated by this guy and still having a home to live in.

    "If you do engage my services, I will set up my office in your residence or a suitable near-by location. I will need a room at least 8’ x 10’. I would need shelving installed and detailed information of my needs will be relayed to you. I will treat you every day for one month, probably several times per day. There will be multiple remedies that you will be advised to take, mostly homeopathic. I will be bringing well over one hundred remedies with me as well as hundreds of bio-energetic vials that will help me figure out what is wrong with you. We will also be doing environmental testing in your home and work environment and remove any substances that are out-gassing and contributing to your illness. For more information on the nature of my work, please go through my website. If you are considering hiring me, much more in-depth information can be provided to you."