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    I am still not feeling great but there are things in life that you need to do dispite feeling like crap. My oldest daughter's friend lost her baby .She was not due till late April. She had been having problems and was seeing a high risk specialist. AS she was havinga great deal of problems with this pregnancy. And early this week she thought she was sick and went to the ER for a bladder infection. And was sent home only to go in to labor and had the baby at home with the EMT's , the baby boy only lived a few hours but at least she got to hold him for a while and get to meet him. She is heart broken and it does break my heart too , she is such a sweet girl and has been such a good friend to my girls.

    I haev known her fora long time so I need to be there for her ,just for support as there are no words I can say that will help. I had 3 daughters all healthy and I don't know how this feels but it breaking my heart for her, I so wanted her to have this baby and I knew how much she was in love with him already. It is just so sad and I am sitting here crying for her, I don't know how to help or what to say. so I will be there for support for her and let her know that I love her, Rosemarie

    I will be going to give her any support I can.
    Thanks for listening to me,
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    Rosemarie, Your obvious compassion is the best gift you can give her....Some would stay away from the sadness of it all. You are a wonderful friend.

    Knowing her baby will be waiting for her someday in heaven is wonderful, but of course, doesn't even touch the sadness of losing him now.

    Hugs, Jana