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    I read all post for disabilty and am still confused. The first time I applied was April 2000. My reason for applying was asthma, osteoarthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, ischemic heart disease, pernicious anemia and undiagnosed pain accompanied with many other complaints. Because of all my illnesses my family encouraged me not to get a lawyer so I didn't. After many appeals I was turned down and I was sent a final notice stating if I wanted to appeal again I would have to take the Commisioner of Social Security in a civil action who is in Baltimore Maryland. I did not have the fight in me then, so I didn't proceed. I reapplied on May7, 2003. In 2001 a dr. diagnosed me with fibro, and because of financial reasons I had to start going to a clinic. That dr. said it wasn't fibro and was caused from a medicine I didn't start taking till after the diagnosis. I tried to explain that to him but he wouldn't listen. Finally three months ago he scheduled me to go to one of the other clinics that had a rheumatologist. I went Thursday and he confirmed that I do have Fibro and wrote me a letter to personally give to my dr. I made me a copy and SS a copy. My question is ... if I get approved this time will I get benefits from May 2003, or, from the time I had to quit work or from 2000 when I applied the first time. Any ideas.......
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    you get up to 2 years back benefits. Hope that helps.