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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AlaSnoopy, May 1, 2003.

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    I keep saying things can't get worst, and I'm always so optimistic...and then today...and big old slap in the face! I had an MRI done of my lower back by my family doc and he said I had two bulging disc and so did the Radiolgist...they sent me to a neurosurgeon. I get there and this guy tells me that basically I don't have two bulging disc that I am perfectly healthy. (I have been seeing Dr. Heffez in Chicago for 6 months and he has me wearing a cervical collar for temporary traction) when my neck bends forward my face and arms and hands go numb! My hands still go numb but not as often. My feet and legs still go numb too. Anyhow this told me that there was nothing wrong with me even tho when he ran this thing that looks like a spur up my left leg I couldn't feel it, but when he did it to my right leg I just about jumped off the table! Then he informed my husband and I that they will never find anything ever wrong with me. That me wearing this collar is just a total waste and it just draws attention to me and makes me get pitty. Then he walked out of the room! I burst into tears! I cried and cried and cried! I don't know how much more I can deal with! I use to be such a fighter! I drag myself out of bed just for my daughter and my husband with the hope of a better day and the hope of someone making me better only to find idiots like this around the corner. Each one worse then the last! How much are we suppose to take! How much salt are they going to throw in our wounds! Please tell me!
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    You need to tell your Radiologist and doctor what happened, and suggest they find someone competent... I've been in your position, not same circumstances, but was left feeling hopeless about help... Family doc (who is a believer in the "old school").. sent me elsewhere. There are more doctors out there... and in your case, more competent ones.
    Good Luck...!!!!
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    To hear of how that moron treated you! That doctor does not deserve the degree on his wall. The one thing all doctors will learn while in school and in practice is that they will NEVER know it all.
    This doctor sounds like a Jack&*% know it all who needs to go back to school or get another job.
    Our bodies are so unique and I am in awe of God for the creation he made. I don't believe in anyone's life time will they ever be able to figure this creation out.
    The sooner doctor's figure that out the better off us patients will be.
    SARS should be a prime example of what we DON'T know yet and FM and diseases like it should be as well.
    I am sorry for what you had to go through with that doctor. Pray that God will reveal to him that he needs to open up and learn more and be more compassionate.
    God bless you and I pray that you find a good doctor soon.
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    I truly feel for you right now. I "Know' how you feel. I have been there over and over and again. These doctors' seem to think that they know so much more then us and they treat you disrespectful and as if you are a child. You have the right to put in a complaint to the medical board that he is affiliated with also.
    I see that you see a doctor in chicago. There is a Dr. that my friend drives 600 miles one way to see there. It is Dr. Skardoff. He said he is wonderful if this helps any.
    I know your anger and your pain, trust me I have been down that road many of times. Keep your chin up and keep on fighting, that is all we can do. Just think how tomorrow may be a better day for you so you have to get through this one. It is my favorite saying.
    PS. Madwolf if you read this, I am not on you, we love you here okay. Just wanted you to know that.
    Take care and stay strong and keep on fighting.
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    Thank you for your support! It seems for years that I keep getting slapped in the face! My family doctor knows I have fibro, his wife has it and he is sooooooo wonderful! He is so receptive and open to all new things. But my neuro problems are getting so out of control, that is why he sent me to a what was suppose to be a specialist! A professional! I called my doctor and left a message for him as soon as I left this idiots office, but it was already 4:30 so I probably won't hear back until today or Monday! It just gets sooo stressful because I keep hearing there is nothing wrong with you for years. To make matters worse I have my insurance now thought the COBRA plan and I will lose it next February. Then what will I do! But thank you for letting me vent! I couldn't sleep at all last night, I just cryed and cryed all night! Thanks for your support!
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    Rude docs really make me angry! I have run into more than my fair share and it always makes me wonder if they are just rude and uncaring human beings or did their chosen profession make them that way? Do they know that they work for us when we go into their offices? We are paying them for a service! When I worked for K-Mart (back in the days when my body didn't scream at me everyday) I would have been verbally thrased for treating people the way you and I along with many others have been treated by some docs!

    It is refreshing to read Madwolfs posts and messages on this site and realize that there are some decent people in the medical profession. The doc I am currently seeing also has people skills, thank God. Do you suppose it is all the years of having to study until they are exhausted or all the illness that they have to see on a daily basis that makes them testy?

    I guess my personal opinion is that the docs are suppose to work for the people that pay them and as a customer I deserve to be treated with respect and fairness and when I don't receive this kind of treatment I take my dollars and go somewhere else. As they say--money talks!!!
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    Some day when I am all better...and it will come! I'm going to go back to him and say hey remember me! Well you where wrong! But thank you everyone for letting me vent and for your support!