Really need your help with Digestive Enzymes.. please...!!!..

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    I have been having so much trouble since December...when I started with sore throat...upper respratory...fever...I thought the time went on I got worse and the Dr. did start me on a antibiotic...since then it has been hell for me ...with the burning...stomach hurting..and expecially the feeling like I have a not in my throat..and and short of breath!!!! its making me nuts...and I know that I should go to the dr...but I just am sooo scared..that I am going to what I did do is start reading...and I see that what I have sounds like Acid Reflux...and that antiobiotics play a big role in this...and since thats when all this started...I went out and got these Digestive enzymes...By Twin has Pancreatin, Betaine, Bromelain, Papain, pepsin it..but again I go on line and read about all these things..and now Iam afread to take it because it says that the Pancreatin can be very dangerous....I have taken Malox, pepsin,Zantac a little...but I have read on this site many of you use the Digestive Enzymes and love them...can you please reply about how these have helped...or what side effect you have experienced while using them...I also have a lot of sinus drainage..(something I have never had before...and I thought this might also have something to do with my problem..(draining and going to the stomach)...and of course I do have Fibro...and have been looking for this feel better...and have tried Alka-Mine..and Barefoots Coral Calcium...stopped taking them..thinking it was also bothering my stomach...(but my knees did feel a lot better) anyway...thats my story...hope you can help me out here...I really need your advise...Thanks Jeanne
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    Have you gone to a good allergist (one who can test for food allergies)? There are also other health professionals who do this; I found a good allergist who specializes in FM/CFS, and since seeing him, I have learned a lot about myself & why I feel the way I do! I have my whole life had inhalant allergies (always sneezing/stuffy/sinus drainage & multiple sinus infections for which I took many antibiotics over the years). 4 years ago, I began with the fibro symptoms. Never really had much in the way of stomach/IBS symptoms, except for a little acid reflux from time to time. What I found out recently from my allergist was that I am seriously allergic to many foods, notably milk, gluten & soy. I would have never guessed this--I was not one who drank milk & got a tummy ache, for example-- but now I believe it may account for a lot of my FM symptoms, and has made my overall allergies worse & my immune system weak (do a search on "leaky gut" syndrome, if you have not read about this before). My allergist also tested for candida yeast overgrowth; In my case, this was not a problem, but you should be tested for that, too! Anyway, I now am on a very difficult to follow but important diet eliminating all problem foods, plus taking lots of vitamins/minerals I was deficient in. The main ones---probiotics and digestive enzymes. If you have used a lot of antibiotics, which I did, & you mentioned antibiotic use also, the probiotics are key to restoring all that useful "good gut bacteria" that the antibiotics kill off. The digestive enzymes do a whole host of things, too-------I'm not as well-versed in explaining their importance, I'm hoping others here with more knowledge will chime in!! And you can do a search here in digestive enzyme posts; you will learn a lot.

    This way of dealing with both FM symptoms and stomach/IBS/allergy issues is not a quick fix. I think for me, it will be a long hard road! But I am noticing some subtle improvements (it's only been about 6 weeks for me, and to be honest, I've only been seriously following my diet for about a week). The one IBS-like issue I used to have was, to be indelicate, smelly flatulance. Well, it's completely gone; I believe it was the milk/gluten in my diet. I'm hoping to notice other improvements over time.

    I guess I only answered your questions indirectly, hopefully you'll get more advice on the specifics of enzymes. But reading your history with acid reflux, sinus drainage, plus FM, just seemed a lot like my journey with this, and I'd recommend investigating whether or not you have food allergies/leaky gut/candida issues---because there ARE things you can do to correct them & feel a lot better! Good luck, hope you get more responses about the enzymes!

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