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    I am in Maryland visiting a friend from hs and her husband. Today is the first full day they have both had to work and so I am alone. They have been sick, so I decided to clean the house a bit (it was either clean and feel a little more hurty, or stay in this awful mess and feel really awful) - their kitchen is an absolute mess. There are old food stains, sticky stuff in the microwave, and rotting food left on the stove. So I did a little cleaning and started the dishwasher. Bad idea. Forgot they don't have food disposal in the sink. As soon as d.washer started, water started spurting up from the sink, and then leaking out the pipes underneath. Apparently, this has happened before, because they have a pail to catch water. It was 1/4 full, now is completely full. part of itspilled out on to the floor.

    So I called home and to my mom's cell. Tried my brother. All, no answer. Then I get a message from my dad saying that I am suspended from school because of my grades. The bad grades are due to my condition, i'm sure of it. I am a smart person and before this dd, i got mostly a's and a couple b's. now i'm lucky to get a c in a course.

    I was really looking forward to this next semester, but now i have to move home and figure out what to do. I am so close to graduating, but it seems so far away.

    So I called my dad and I started bawling my eyes out. My parents have always expected a lot from us kids, and I feel like I have let them down. This is the second time I've had to quit school because of this dd and I'm just 22.

    I don't have anyone to call - my friends did not leave numbers for me to reach them at, and I don't know how to contact the landlord.

    I just feel like crying the rest of the day!
    Thank you for listening. Maybe I just need some encouragement :(

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    What a vacation! I am sorry you are going through all of that. I can't imagine trying to go to school with this dd. And what timing to find out you are suspended! What a day. I am surprised your friends didn't leave you any numbers for them. You are doing a good thing though. Helping them to clean up the house after they've been sick is a really nice thing for you to do for them. It is unfortunate that it ended in disaster, but your heart is in the right place.

    Take will get better,

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    bumping for some more support!!!
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    My, my! Cleaning, no one to talk to, suspended from school...! I think I'd just lie down and cry. What did your dad say when you talked to him?

    I hope that you will rest and now that you have the place somewhat cleaned up, maybe it will be easier. I hope your dad was supportive and I hope that you can think clearly enough to start deciding what comes next. I really hope you can finish college since you are so close...hang in there!

    I know it sounds trite to say things will get better, but they usually do. This is just a bummer of a day and sometimes crying is the best thing to do. Cry and then make plans to make things better (you mihgt start by not being so hard on yourself)!

    Take care,
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    thank you guys so much for the support.

    i come from a long line of overachievers so that's what's goin on.

    of course. afterthey get home, it gets super messy again. lol.
    today i'm super worn out, even after a two h our nap yesterday! thank g-d i am leaving in two days!! i love these guys, but vacation is better than living with them :)

    my dad was not very helpful with the sink disaster but that's because it stopped leaking while i was bawling on the stairs. pj is supposed to call someome to fix the ssink today. lets see if it happens. i hope it does cuz that is not a very fun thing to live with.

    i did cry a lot yesterday, but my parents were much more supportive of the school thing than they have been in the past. i took a semester off already, and this is just a blow to my self-esteem.

    Maybe I'll start writing a book about FMS and all it's stupidness!! maybe collect stories from you guys ;)

    that is, if i can ever get out of bed. maybe i need one of those things where i can talk to the computer to record things vs typing everything. hehehe.

    again, thank you so much for the support!