Really rough night...

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    UGH! I have been out of bed more then in bed all night long. The dog has had me up so many times I could just beat her - but I love her! Then I had some pretty weird dreams that had me frazzled. It was some of those vivid, not sure if your awake or not dreams. I know I kicked my husband twice - hard. I also sat up and yelled a couple of times. And I heard voices in my head, that has NEVER happened. They were loud and clear. Freaked me out totally - now it sounds silly to me but at 2:30 this morning I wasn't laughing I was shaken up. My tooth and jaw are still killing me!! I think I will own stock in anbesole before next Friday when I get it pulled. I have to get my daughter off to school as well as the little girl I babysit for - and I am hopeing I can just fall back into bed and sleep for awhile as I have a busy weekend ahead! Thanks for listening! Julie
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    Oh, how I feel for you. I just went through a tooth ordeal - it was an abcess and they did a root canal within a couple of hours. Usually, you are on antibiotics for a week or two before the procedure due to the possibility of spreading infection. I was given antibiotic AFTER the root canal.

    Now, if you aren't taking antibiotics now and they pull your tooth then I sure hope they give you some powerful ones afterwards.

    Even though I took the first round of antibiotcs I then had an ear and sinus infection - had to take Biaxin for that situation.

    Please ask about something for infection and pain! I can totally relate to this one!

    Best of luck.

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    Yep I am on my second round of antibiotics! Went back to bed when I took kids to bus stop - woke up and thought I had forgot to get the kids off to school!! UGH Now I have a headache - just what I need.
    Have a great weekend.