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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by littlebrownwren, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Today my pastors father passed away.

    His father was my pastor for over 30 yrs.

    A good humble man who loved all people, no matter their station in life.

    He had been a minister for over nerly 60 yrs.

    Doing the dual role of pastor and evangelist at the same time.

    Running revivals almost every week of the year and being at his church , Sun and Sun night. Always there to do the funerals, weddings and what ever else needed seeing to.

    Raised money for enlarging his church when the money wasn't there but it came. Many times to the exact dollar needed.

    Always the passed plate for the needy and it always appeared.

    Would awake at any hour of the day or night to be with you in your time of need, Hospital visits, nursing home visits were there also.

    All this while raising a family of his own.

    I sang with a girls trio back then and he would often say "girls"we need you to come an sing one night at his revival. So, we would all pile into his car with his wife and 2 young boys and off we would go.

    Such wonderful memories of a great man.

    About 10 yrs ago his son took over as our pastor and we love him to.

    His viewing and funeral will be at our church because he has so many friends that unless they rented a trade center there is no place large enough to hold all the hundreds that will be at our church the next 2 days.

    You know it's hard in this day and time to find a person who is so loved and respected by all who have known him.

    Rare that hundreds will show up to give last respects and to say good bye for awhile.

    He always had a smile,a hand shake and some personal remark, ask how you were and meant it.

    I have have lost a great friend for awile, for I know I will see him again.

    Our church has lost a great prayer warrior. A good man.

    He often told of being a young man of 16 and went to church bare foot ,clad in overalls and gave his life and heart to God, and that was how it remained the rest for his life.

    Yes, I'm sad tonight, but what wonderful memories I have of a good godly man who never wavered from his faith.

    I think I need to write this because that in the world we live in today there are so few people who are who they say there are. We look up to them as Icons and then there is alwasy that secret affair, that other life , that drug ,just that awful something that always leaves us hurt, empty and a sense of being violated in some way.

    Just dont give up on life because there are still good people out there.


  2. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank so much for sharing your beautiful story with us! Your Pastor sounds like a wonderful man who will be sorely missed. I will be praying for you!

  3. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    How wonderful to know someone so inspiring yet humble. As you say you are saying goodbye for a little while. Imagine the great big reunion to come one day!

    God Bless
  4. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    I'm very sorry for your loss. What a difference he has made in the lives of so many. What a well-spent life! May God's peace be with you. Love, doloresf1
  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am so sorry for your loss, it seems like he was a one of kind and you and others were blessed by his presence.

    Julie or Lydia had a freind die this week, they had been in Belize for 3 weeks doing humanaity work and he died with in a few day after coming home.

    Let your memories comfort you these days and know you will see him again. Take time to remember and heal. Carla
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thank you for telling us about him. We really need to hear about people like your pastor.

    Todays world is so frenetic with people not having time for the other and unwilling to do anything for someone else without expecting something in return, it feels wonderful and comforting to hear there still are truly good unselfish people in the world.

    God Bless

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