Really scared: Cyst in my spinal cord

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  1. Fibrotears

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    I heard a month ago that I have a cyst in my spinal cord.

    It is really scary! I've read up on it and it sounds serious if not treated. The cyst gets bigger and longer and as it does it destroys the spinal cord. Later on it can cause incontinence, paralyses etc!!!

    My pain specialist saw it on the MRI scan a neurologist took last year. The neurologist didn't even told me that I have syringomyelia!!!!

    The pain specialist send the MRI to some professor and that was two weeks ago. Now the prof is on vacation and still have my MRI!!

    So, I can't go to another neurologist without the MRI!!! And time is runnig out. If they have to operate they have to do it pretty soon because I'm ,FINALLY, going to start my studies next year again. So there no way that I can wait 'till next year for an operation.

    What am I to do???

    This stress is 'killing' me!


  2. Cromwell

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    I know a little about syrinx. Please stop scaring yourself. I do think they can use a lazer knife technique to clear it. Let me look it up again. I had looked this up a while ago as my rheumie thought I had one, the nuero said no. So sorry you are getting this result.

    Love Anne
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  3. Noahvale

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    I am very sorry to hear abour the cyst that you have on your spine. I just want you to know that there is no need to worry. They can do a laser surgery with minimal pain. My best friend had 3 on his back and he was back to work in a few weeks. (about 10 days). The chances if it being cancerous are very slim. His was not, they were just cutting the spine off. I think the best thing for you to do is to relax (I know better said then done) you deserve to take a little time out for you.

    My Prayers are with you and take care!

    God Bless!!


  4. kjfms

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    I am so sorry and of course you are upset. Please try to calm down for the sake of your health.

    Surgery is not always a given with Syringomyelia. Many spinal syrinx (cysts) are stationary for for long periods and require no treatment other than observation.

    In some cases a ventriculoperitoneal shunt can be placed to drain the syrinx fluid.

    There are two different forms of Syringomyelia it would be better to wait and see which one you had. I know that is hard but there is treatment and I hope you have good physicians.

    Generally, there are two forms of SM. The disorder may be related to a congenital abnormality of the brain called Arnold Chiari malformation. A syrinx may then develop in the cervical region of the spinal cord; this is referred to as communicating syringomyelia.

    Some people with this form of the disorder also have hydrocephalus (water on the brain), a condition in which CSF accumulates in the skull, or arachnoiditis, in which a covering of the spinal cord is inflamed.

    The second major form of SM occurs as a complication of trauma, meningitis, hemmorrhage or tumor.

    Here, the cyst or syrinx develops in a segment of the spinal cord damaged by one or more of these conditions. The syrinx may start to expand; this is sometimes referred to as noncommunicating syringomyelia.

    Are you going to get a second opinion? Here is the American Syringomyelia Alliance Project, Inc. which may be of some help to you.

    Please make sure you take time and research your physicians and surgeons to be sure they are experienced in this and have preformed plenty of surgeries. This is nothing to jump into.

    I wish you the best of luck and I am thinking of you. Please take care of you,

    Karen :)

  5. Cromwell

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    Karen and others have now given you some great information so do try to stop worrying now and take it easy.

    Love Anne
  6. JewelRA

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    I don't know anything about this condition, but you have my prayers and thoughts with you. I know you must be really frigthened about it.
  7. PVLady

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    My husband has a cyst on the spine which came up after surgery this last April. His is called a "synovial cyst". I don't know if that is what you have, but it is supposed to be very common according to our doctor.

    My husband was treated with a cortisone injection and rest and the cyst shrunk. He no longer has any pain from it.

    You did not say if you are having symptoms from the cyst. I am sure they will begin with conservative treatment if you are having pain.

    Before you develop the symptoms you describe, there are alot of warnings, it does not happen overnight.

    I really don't believe they just jump in and do surgery unless it is absolutely necessary,if you are not having major symptoms.

    I would also get a second opinion if they want to do surgery.