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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chloeuk, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I have been really unwell since the 1st week of January, started with a virus and just got progressivly worse. I have had some history of arthritis and a one time when I had similar symptoms to the ones I have now, it lasted a few weeks and I was taking sleep meds and we thought it was down to that, I stopped taking them and got know it wasnt them.

    I started with sever joint pain, was put onto steroids..they helped but gained so much weight and they only worked a little so wasnt worth it. Trying to remember what was next...guess it was my short term memory. Starting getting palpitations and racing heart, tremors and feling exhausted. Then numbness down one side, chest pain.Extreme muscle tension.

    Ended up in ER, ctscan showed nothing, tests show weakness, all bloods fine...dr said virus, referred to rheum who said pvs or cfs not arthritis also said to see immunologist..I have a history of psoriasis that affected hands and feet was severly disabled for 2 years, couldnt walk etc was put on to immune suppresant drug and went into remission. I am waiting for that apt.

    Saw cardiologist, dx tachycardia and loads of tests so have to wait on that.

    At the moment I am just feelong so awful, I emigrated to Australia from the UK a year ago so have no family to joints are much better but the numbness seems to have worsened, I dont have it constantly but more or less everyday, I am also feeling very dizzy and sick, I am on drugs for the dizziness, my resting heart rate is very high...but I am just feeling overwhelmed by this illness, I just cant be this ill, when i was ill a couple of years ago it made me sit up and notice life and when I recovered I really changed outlook on I was really busy enjoying life, making new friends losing over 60lbs in weight and feeling great, since January I have gained 28lbs I feel like dying, cant imagine how I get thru each day it is so hard, I am so tired and have had depression in the past...Iam fighting so hard not to go there again but I know it is a sx of cfs...I am trying so hard need some answers and help
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    The rheumy did check my sortisol levels and they were practilly 0...they called me and asked me to come back in and be re-tested which I did and called and nurse said they were normal.

    With me I have low blood pressure,high heart rate which flys up as soon as I stand, dr thinks dysauttomia having tests next week for HR and BP, stress test etc.

    I am not currently on meds for depression, I am not really willing to admit I am depressed, I have been clinically depressed in the past so know how hard it is to get out of once you are in it and feel like I have to stay postive or I will sink and being thousiands of miles away from support it isnt something I can allow...sounds dumb I know but I have to try to stay positive dont I?

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