Really think I need SSI, some good advice needed..

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    Heres my situation. Maybe my doctor is right,that I will get better, but I really believe that we all know our own limitations, and I desperately need some means of income and soon. The department of social services had told me that I would never get SSI at this point in my life because I am only 29(30 in feb). Please believe me when I say, I wish I didnt have to be considering this, but I just don't think, with how bad my condition has been getting, that I will never again be able to hold down gainful employment. So how do I get SSI to approve me? Should I call an SSI attorney today and get the ball rolling myself? What do I do if my doctor won't cooperate as he has allready told me he won't. He just doesnt accept that some people with FMS/CFS cannot be rehabbed. Again, maybe he his right. I understand that under SSI, you are still allowed to work to a certain extent, which I would love, and that the SSI during those times would suppliment any working income, and be a safety net for the times when working is just not possible. That would be a dream come true. But, how do I get it if my doctor won't cooperate? If SSI says I'm too young?
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    I am sorry to hear you are going through all of this. I know the flustration and the fear of being without an income and being ill. I am 31 will be 32 in March and have been battling to get SSI since 2000. It is very hard and the process seems endless. i would suggest one just go and apply at the SS office near you and two find a Doctor who treats FM/CFS. As I said SSI is a tough and long process and it is hard to win without a Doctor backing you. My primary did and I was still denied all the way to the appeals counsel and starting over again. The only thing you can do is try and to keep fighting it but you need a Doctor who is going to fight it with you. I wish i had a miracle answer on how to win how ever as I said I am stilll fighting it. The age is tough on us but it does not mean you can not win.
    Good luck with things and I hope you can figure soemthing out for yourself.
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    Try checking out the official Social Security website, it can answer many questions. Click on "disability". It's located at:

    SSI is "Supplemental Security Income" and pays benefits based on financial need.

    SSDI is "Social Security Disability Income" and it pays benefits to you if you have worked long enough and paid enough taxes.

    Without physican cooperation, it's practically impossible to qualify for social security disability.

    And when approved, the application and approval process is lengthy and time consuming.

    Sorry to hear you are disabled, good luck to you.
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    Find the 1-800 number for social security in your phone book and call them right away. Tell the person what is going on and ask them what to do -- it's their job to tell you and they do a great job. You will likely find the rules frustrating, but please get yourself the information you need from someone qualified to give it to you and get the process going. -- Jo
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    Please read my last notaions on SSI........
    Age has nothing to do with it, it is considered advanced aging process........THis is your argument...........

    Rita Faye
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    I was originally told that my claim would never get approved the first couple of times. That was from the county social services social worker. I went ahead and applied to Social Security anyway. I applied in May and was approved in August, both in 2002! The key is to provide as much information as possible. Make sure you give them the dates and locations (with addresses) of any doctors and/or hospitals that you saw or were in. I had quite a few "vacations" in various mental health hospitals, so that kind of helped too.
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    1-800-772-1213 This is their 800 number for calls about anything and everything. You can ask about SSI, SSDI, you can request an application to apply for disability, you can ask about your previous earnings...anything :)