really would like feedback, am taking Cortisol, MADWOLF please or anyone

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    i began a 2 week trial of cortisol last friday. after some initial concerns with kidney pain basically there are changes happening , good and bad.

    There is no doubt that my muscles feel stronger, best in about 11 years.
    My mind is still foggy yet i can also take in information better than approx 11 years. !!!!
    After just 5 days.

    Apart from the Armour thyroid which also definately helps me ,this is my best result in 11 years.
    BUT, i'm going to have a urine test tomorrow as it feels like i might have urine infection which would be the first in 9 months and if the cortisol is going to make my immune system any weaker than it already is then i can't do it.
    My doctor wants me to do 2 weeks on cortisol [just 15mg a day ,split dose] and then nothing for 2 weeks then we talk.

    Please can i have opinions/feedback on whats happening ? Oh and its not making me euphoric, emotionally i am very low and having very bad time with long time man friend.
    So the improvements i am feeling are completely separate from my emotions.

    thanks in advance,

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