realy realy need prayers

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  1. allhart

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    im sorry that im going to ask for so much at once but i need help
    1, please pray for my son that the drs finally decide whats wrong and that they can and will help,

    2,pray for my one day husband that he can pull out of his deprssion ,so he can help us

    3,pray that my mortgae company finds who made the error on foreclosing on are house before we go to court next week to have us forabilly removed and gives me my house back and that next week we do not become homeless

    4 that my ssi case will some how finally be approved,

    5.that my sons father sees the errors in his ways and pays the money that he owes and helps make sure that my son can get the medcal care he will needs, how he can go to church 3times a week but yet not help his own child i realy wonder how when hes listening to the pastor he dosent feel tromendous guilt,

    6, that my parents finally realize im sick and not lazy and offer me some support

    7 that i can find the money to get the medical care i need so i can have the strenth to handle all this

    thank you all god bless kara

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  2. Jude

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    Allhart, you are going through some tough times now and I am asking the creator to guide you through. God be with you.
  3. LuvMeCritters

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    Prayers and hugs coming to you from Florida. I know some times it seems it's just too much for us to handle. But we are strong, and God's help is there for the asking. I pray that you have the strength to handle all that's heaped upon your plate right now, and I pray that God grants your family the wisdom to see that you need their support, and I pray that the doctor's can help your husband and son, and get them on the road to recovery.

    As far as your son's father goes, there is free help through the Dept. of Revenue. My son's father called himself a Christian too, but did not live up to his legal or moral responsibilities. It took the state to finally put the fear in him and he did pay...17 years worth of back child support. Please give them a call. And God Bless You.

  4. Shirl

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    Dear Allhart, I am so very sorry for all your terrible trials.

    I will pray for each on of your request, your son's health, your husband's depression, the mortgage co, your ssi, your childsupport, your parents attiutde, and that you get the much needed funds for your own health.

    I know the Lord will reach out to you and yours. We have a whole lot of prayer warriors on this board, and we sincerely pray for all requests. You just start thanking Jesus for all His kindness and mercy.

    As for your ex husband, I would not want to be in his shoes when the Lord calls him to account for his actions!

    You just try to stay calm, and let the Lord do His wonderous works in your life.

    Blessings going out to you in abundance.

  5. Julygal

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    Kara, when things look the darkest & most impossible is when Our Lord can show His Greatest Love & Miracles! While we don't understand His Ways, we can trust Him completely.
    Bless your heart, just ONE of your situations would be plenty, but there's so much going on. NOTHING is impossible for God. Please be assured that you are loved & cared about & lifted up in prayers.
    In His Love,
  6. deecrossett

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    Our Holy Father, please take Kara Into Your arms and hold her near to Your heart. I praise You for bringing Kara here for us to pray for. Please gift her with the ways and means to encourage her son and husband; Your work through her could help many people. Please shine Your light on Kara's family, so they can aid her in these troubling times. If it is Your will, then let it be done. Please help Kara to see that these things she has asked for will be done in Your time, with Your blessings. In You name I pray. Amen.
  7. allhart

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  8. kredca4

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    I just wanted to let you know that I am Praying for you, and that I do appericate you Praying for me and my Mom.

    Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart,
  9. Harmony

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    I'm sorry I'm late in answering your post here. I will certainly be in prayer for you in all of these situations.

    Please never feel you are asking prayer for too much.
    That's what we are here for. :)

    Remember that God will never give us more than we can handle without Him helping us through it all. He will never leave us or forsake us. What a wonderful promise we have knowing that He cares and loves us so much.
    I Peter 5:7 "Casting all our care on Him for He cares for us."

    Keep in touch and let us know how things are going for you.
    God bless you!

    Blessing & Prayers,