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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by charlie21, Sep 15, 2006.

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    About four or five weeks ago, I had the red dot rash, which I think is called Petachaie. The rash stayed up for about a few weeks, then settled down and turned to just brown dots. Tonight, I felt a bit itchy, these are on my back by the way, and the very same rash has appeared in the same place, and has gone red again. Didn't know one dot could be replaced by another dot in exactly the same place. I hope I am explaining myself properly. I have red spots in my mouth too, only on the roof, and full of fluid that come and go very quickly. What do you make of it. Charlie
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    bumping, I hope someone else knows what this is.
  3. TKE

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    I'm wondering if you have "Linchen Planus"? It's an auto immune disease where it causes spots, sores, blisters to form on the skin or in the mouth. I highly suggest you see a dermatologist ASAP. Treatment can be something as simple as anti-biotics. Some can have it go into remission, while others have it flare on a regular basis.

    My Hus has a form of this & he gets blisters in his mouth. We have discovered that some foods can trigger it. One of the biggies is diet sodas.

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    Hi Charlie,
    Thats funny you mention a rash. Back in July my daughter got a rash started on her arm. Looked like she touched poison oak or sumac maybe, it wasn't ivy. Red and itchy. It spread to her leg and then her back. Dr. finally had to give her predisone to treat the itch. It seemed to have gone away and in Aug it started all over again. Her leg to her arm and under theback orf her arm. And only on her right side. She has fibro and was wonder if it had anything to do with that, like from lupus, but Dr.said no. She wore a brace on her knee tht went from her calf to her thigh and where the brace ended it got really bad, Dr. thinks she is now allergic to latex. But that didn't explain the first prt of the rash. We still don't know what is was. Its mostly gone now, but what remains is brown.
    Good luck in your search.

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