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    Hi all

    The reason I ask about the smokers is I was talking to my pharmacist the other day, and he said that he had a man come to him with the same problems that I have. Fibro. and chronic fatigue.

    I have been in the construction industry for 21 years, he had also. Anyway they found that he had a toxin build up in his system that had slowly built up over time.

    according to the pharmacist your liver will only take the toxins out for so long, and then your body will start storeing them in the soft tissue of the body. His was metal,what type I don't know yet.

    But anyway he went through what is called Chelation treatment and it cured him.

    I have been around all kinds of chemicals all my working life I a'm only 39. and I was thinking that maybe It could be that or maybe the toxins in the cigs.

    What do ya'll think?

    P.S. sorry about the typeing and spelling, not what I'm best at. LOVE AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    we all know that guess, and we should all stop, saying it and doing it is one thing, we can do all the right things but if we still smoke we are all doomed. in other words we are all nuts and getting what we deserve. i am getting my teeth whitened so i have to stop, after paying 300.00 to whiten them, i would be a fool to continue to smoke. i would be throwing my money away. this time i will use the patch and not go cold turkey.
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    I heard of that theory before. Something to do with the FMS'ers body unable to eliminate all the toxins we encounter on a daily basis and in the food we eat. This may very well be, but in my case smoking would not be the cause of this toxic buildup. I started smoking when I was 16 (four smokes a day) and I had my first FMS symtoms quite a bit earlier (pain at age 8, insomnia fatigue and aching by age 12). Still I do think that out body does not deal too well with toxins which would be why people recommend taking antioxidents- I do not think it is a cause but rather a complication.
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    I posted on your 1st post~ A poll's
    a poll right? I guess theres a reason behind everyones.No need to explain to me. but your logic is legit.....we're all looking for answers!! No doubt ciggarettes are BAD!!but we are exposed to carcinogins(sp??) everyday all around us,in practically everything we eat,in the air,etc....!!! I think our bodys are created at birth to either be able to withstand all the crud,or give in to it~ Otherwise how would you explain a 90 yr old smoker thats still alive&well(and smoking)to that of a 28 yr old who's never smoked!!either one of them can get cancer or any other illness at any given time!! ???????just my thoughts. :) take care
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    I smoke..unfortuntely alot. Do I think smoke CAUSED this crap? No. Do I think it adds to it all? Yes.

    I started going to a holistic nurse..after everything was said and done..she says Sherry..your liver is toxic..quite toxic. She said I have a toxic chemical overload. She knows I smoke..she knows I drank a half gallon of coffee a day. I also worked for Monsanto, a steel place where there was oil and paint in the air like clouds, diesel from the tractors and trucks I drove, worked in hog confinement buildings on and off for fifteen years.

    Then she goes on to say hey..your foods, coffee, smokes, etc. are all heavily sprayed. Your water is contaminated. Your air is contaminate.

    I have cut my coffee to seven cups a day. I drink over 72 oz. of water, I am walking 20 minutes a day(I cannot believe I am doing that!) I eat three meals a day..they contain protein, carbs, fruit/veg. I am taking some super supps to kick my adrenals back in and help my thyroid. Do I feel better? Ya know..I think maybe I do, but it took alot of abuse to get me in this shape..I think it will take me a while to get straightened back up.

    The thing is..she says she will not put me in the fms/cfs box. She says toxic overload and liver toxicity will mess you up with all the symptoms of so called fms/cfs. Makes you suseptible to mycroplasams(SP) and infections(candida etc.) I have often sat here reading this board and many are really fighting toxic overload and not being treated for it?

    She also says there are different kinds of detox for different sources of toxicity. Made sense to me. I am on an Environmental has parts of environmental stuff in it and it the cell and somehow pulls like toxins out of the cell and takes out of the body. Then I take supps that work on my adrenals and thyroid that feed at the cellular level.

    Just my 50 cents worth..but I think shes hits it right on the head. I think too many of us have been thrown into the fms/cfs box/label when we are basicallyl just toxic as all get out.

    Blessings...and I hope you find relief soon..I think you are looking down the right path! ..Sherry
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    I agree that smoking is not good for anyone. I don't think smoking caused my FM and I don't think it makes it any worse. My breathing and my pocketbook, yeah...

    The flaw in this theory is that there are TONS of people with FM/CFS who have never smoked, drank, taken drugs, etc. People who eat organically and only drink pure water, yadda yadda. Yet they all still suffer just the same if not more than me.

    I know I should quit, but quite frankly I don't want to. I'm stubborn!! The main reason I want to quit is because my hubby and I aren't saving any money. It all goes to waste in the form of smoke!

    Good luck to you, Debbie
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    It's an interesting idea. I wonder if this could be related to the multiple chemical sensitivity that is apparently very common in FM and CFS.

    True that many smokers don't ever get FM or CFS. Also true that many smokers don't ever get emphysema. As more research is done, perhaps we'll eventually understand why two people can do exactly the same thing, with different results. I think some of us are just wired differently.