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    Hi. Had a question on tranfer factor versus undenatured whey protein. I've read that both help the immune system, but which one is better? I have one more question but it might not belong on this topic section. Is it normal to get Fm and CFS and go down hill really fast. My symptoms became obviously noticable about three months ago. Luckily I got diagnosed pretty quick (August). But since my symptoms began three months ago, I've felt worse every day. I'm at the point of spending most of my time on the couch. Not good with three kids. Any info would be helpful. I have become a research junkie lately.
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    I don't know the answer to your question about TF versus whey protein. Just ordered my first bottle of Transfer Factor 64.
    I think it is normal to go downhill very quickly, with CFS and Fibro. It seems like more people have had sudden onset than a gradual appearance. The same seems to be true of relapses.
    I'm very slowly emerging from a relapse, and am spending less and less time on the couch, although a month ago, it seems like the couch was the only place I was during the day.
    Keep reading and researching!
    Here's to better health!