Received my Mercury level results = high

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  1. zoster

    zoster New Member

    Well, I decided to go ahead with the DMSA urine challenge test just to get it checked out properly. The result came back as

    "Mercury increase corrected for creatine is 1876% (normal up to 150%)"

    I am a little shocked to be honest, in the past I had a hair mineral analysis which showed OK levels (it seems now that this was because I am not able to excrete Mercury properly) and a Lymphocyte sensitivity test showed a mild sensitivity to Mercury.

    I had kind of convinced myself my Mercury level was probably OK because of these past results and also I only have two small fillings - although chewed and swallowed some when they fell out when I was a kid.

    I really hadn't wanted to get my fillings replaced but have been runnning out of things that could be causing my ill health or holding back my recovery so wanted to rule out the Mercury issue for sure after reading of others here having high Mercury levels.

    It seems that it could a big issue for me too so I'm going to tackle it head on now. I shall get my fillings replaced safely as soon as I can and start on a mercury detox protocol.

    I'm still going to get fully tsted for Lyme disease, I do wonder whether Lyme disease and high Mercury compound each other - with Mercury impeding the immune system and Lyme blocking Mercury detoxification systems in the body. Can't help but think these would need to be tackled together.

    I'm glad I now know about this and can work on getting it out of my body - it gives me real hope that I can make a good recovery if I can get my Mercury levels down.

    I wanted to share my results so others might think about getting their levels checked out. If more and more of us find high levels of Mercury then there must surely be a link between CFS/ME and high Mercury.

    I'll post how I get on.

    Blessings to you all.

  2. erica741

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    I too recently tested very high for mercury!

    I started a thread about it a few weeks ago, and got a lot of great responses. If you click on my profile, you should be able find it.

    I also have Lyme disease, and agree that you should get tested for Lyme too. I also recently started a thread on the Lyme board here on how to get tested through Igenex.

    Good luck!

  3. JoFMS

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    Hi Zoster,

    You may already know but do ensure you get your fillings removed safely -it's very important. Read up on Huggins suggestions for safe amalgam removal. I have recently had all mine removed at the same time under IV conscious sedation with an IV vitamin C drip. I was so nervous about it but 6 fillings only took an hour and a half and because I was under IV sedation it wasn't bad at all - in fact much better then just having one filling put in.

    I have recently written a post about mercury and am now following Andrew Cutler's protocol for low dose, frequent oral chelation as it seems to be the safest.

    I would love to hear your progress as I'm not sure there's many here that have undergone that type of chelation. I have done 3 rounds of DMSA so far and start ALA in 3 months which is the one that removes mercury from your brain. You need to make sure you take extra supplements too whilst chelating and order the book Amalgam illness - there is so much info in there generally about mercury - which supplements to take for which symptoms, also a section on fibro and cfs.

    I'm sure you will feel better once you start chelation after having your fillings removed but do read up on everyhting and make sure you find a metal freee dentist who understnads the importance of removing them safely.

    There's also a chelation forum on yahoo.

    Chelation isn't easy and can be expensive with the supplements but it's definitely worth trying as some peoples symptoms have totally disappeared for many who were mercury toxic - 'incurable' diseases including cfs, fibro, autism, lupus, ms, etc

    Good luck and do let us know how it goes. Don't give up - you may have your life back again on day - who knows and that would be wonderful!

  4. zoster

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    Thankyou for your replies Erica, Jofms and anchorholds, it's good to hear from you and read your experiences -sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you - I've had my head down trying to figure all this out and write out my full history ready for a consultation with my CFS/ME doc.

    She has recommended I take an antifungal medication and get treated for allergies as well as doing the Mercury detox being as my history suggests a strong allergy link.

    I'm glad she has confirmed this all for me as I was unsure which route to go down. I'll still get the Lyme testing done mind.

    Again the question comes to mind - chicken or Egg!?

    I'll just do it all and should get there in the end hopefully!

    I'll keep you posted and please likewise, post how you guys are doing - It'll be good to see how we're all progressing.

    Take good care, all the best with everything
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  5. zoster

    zoster New Member

    Hi French,

    The DMSA test (aka kelmer test) is a test where you take a set amount of a chelating agent (DMSA) which binds with Mercury in the body and which is then excreted in the urine.

    Testing the Mercury level in the urine before and then after taking the chelating agent indicates if there is an increased load of mercury in the body.

    I had my test done at biolab UK. You can get it done through Dr Myhill.

    all the best french, let us know how you get on if you have the test.

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