Received my Techni Ice sheets today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunflowergirl, Oct 20, 2016.

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    Watched on youtube again how to get them hydrated. I've got 2 in the freezer and hopefully they will be frozen to use by tomorrow. I've used l for the microwave.....heated a minute and have to watch can get hot, depending on the size of the microwave. I cut them down two squares so I can use them on my neck and shoulders. It's bulky so I've got an old shirt over it buttoned at the top so it holds it close to my neck in back.

    At first I thought I would make a cloth covering for it, but decided against it. The plastic kinda sticks to my skin, and I noticed it's like having moist heat, which is more healing to muscles than dry heat. The first couple of times of heating it up it felt like some water was coming out of it.....I guess that's normal. But so far I think I like using it. It's much lighter than a rice filled pad the same size, and it stays warm longer than the rice one......but I would say after about 3/4 hr. I want to heat up again.
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    Hi Sun

    Just got off Youtube. Was watching videos on Techni Ice. It's made in Australia.
    So was the guy who was narrating one of them. My mid west ears had some
    difficulty comprehending.

    Anyhoo it's certainly a versatile product. Can be used to keep stuff warm
    or cold. Reminds me of the little kid who had a thermos jug explained to
    him. "How does it know if you want hot or cold?"

    Hope it helps.

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    Rock: An update: Forget it about the heating part. It seemed to work great....just was moist on one side which made it stick to my back. Then this morning I heated it again and MORE water seemed to be coming out of it, so guess I'll just use it for ice packs. I cut the one into the strips to fit into my knee hi with velcroe and have the ice around my neck.
  4. I've never heard of Techni iIce Sheets. What do you guys use them for?