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    well my result for parasites and ova, [whatever that means] was found to be negative for all three samples that was taken.

    if only i can get myself feeling better i would be happy, my dr. took a sample from my vigina last week, i think she mention looking for candida, i hope she knows about candida, she send off the sample for testing.i thought there wasnt a test for candida.
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    i can't remember what sort of test it was, but i found out way back then that i had it bad. i've been through treatments for it, and it was brought under control. i am very careful almost all the time to avoid sugar like the plague. i use stevia for a sweetener, like in yogurt blender drinks, and on grapefruit- works fine for me. i also am on a very low-carb diet-- no grains (breads, bakery things, cereals) except rice, and i don't have that a lot. helps a lot with IBS condition, and keeps threat of candida returning way down. also lots of probiotics to put the GOOD bacteria back in the gut are important part of program.

    there are natural remedies you can use to combat candida, but a doctor will probably prescribe something like diflurcan (i think it's called). anyway, good luck- i hope you get good advice- Sascha
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    You can have systemic Candida and not have a vaginal yeast infection. In fact, that's the case for most of us. Systemic Candida happens in the gut and migrates to the bloodstream if I recall correctly. Doctors don't learn about Systemic Candida in med school.

    Also, you can treat a vaginal yeast infection and that still won't clear up the Systemic Candida in the rest of your body. Systemic Candida is opportunistic and preys on people with weakened or dysfunctional immune systems. It's very common in AIDS patients for instance.

    If you have a vaginal yeast infection, douching with Betadine once a day will usually clear it up in a few days.

    I just realized that the ingredient that works in Betadine is Iodine. Maybe that's why people are talking about ingesting Iodine on these boards. Hmmmm... don't know if that would work or not. You'd think we'd have heard a lot more about that by now if it did work.

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