Recent DX? $ for Lyme &/or other blood: CMV, "Autoimmune Diseases" etc

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    If you've been recently diagnosed with anything, you might want to take a look at this page - you might be able to donate some blood, make some money doing it, and help research. No experience with it, but hopefully it will help someone make some extra $$ towards paying their doctors or for their meds etc:

    If you have been recently diagnosed with an infectious or autoimmune disease, please call SeraCare today.

    Your plasma donation is urgently needed for research, and a payment of $200 or more per donation will be made immediately, to you or the charity of your choice. Multiple donations are possible.


    If anyone's had any experience with this, let us know? Thanks.
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    Somewhere on here I have an old post about this but the following is kind of what I remember learning from my 5 or so phone calls with one of their technicians.

    A word of warning...

    don't count your chickens before they are hatched when it comes to this company.

    If you are on more than a few medications they won't take you. They particularly didn't like the hormones especially the hGH I am taking. This made NO SENSE since I'd have it in my body already if I was making my own.

    Also be warned....

    When it comes to antibodies to infections you MUST have the IGM (immediate infection) vs IGG (latent or past infections). Once the infection is treated you would convert the IGM to IGG in theory. But as we all know with this crud very few us would qualify to donate since our antibodies are not doing what they should.

    Also, they use these antibodies that they collect to make test kits or those notoriously inaccurate spot tests that doctors use to screen patients in the office. I felt like I'd be adding to the problem of not getting a diagnosis on these old infections by participating in this project.