Recently diagnosed w/fm pls help

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    **Nine yr ago was the first dx for fms. Over the yrs I have had pain in all the trigger sites, stiffness, fog sometimes. Went to a arthritis dr who confirmed the fm. Was never put on any meds for anti imflammatory as I had kidney failure in the past and unable to take them. Here recently I am having fog, severe pain @ trigger sites, forgetful, stiffness and unable to sleep 3-4 days in arrow, panic attacks, headaches, restless legs fatigue, depression. Family dr gives me meds for attachs, pain pills and anti depressants. No referring to a fm dr. Hope this helps I am at a loss at to what is going on. Thanks to all who can answer or enlighten me to the fm, fatigue.
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    I have both CFS and FM. My symptoms are so complicated that I cannot even begin to sort them out.

    All of the symptoms that you have described are symptoms that I have also experienced. I have experienced all of the symptoms that you have described and many more symptoms too.

    I cannot take drugs (I cannot tolerate them) so I cannot be of much help to you with what drugs work and what drugs don't.

    If you go to the top of the message board, and click on "CFS & FM Patients Guide", you will find some answers there.
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    hi, welcome to the board! (but i'm sorry you have a need for us!) <P>Have you talked to your kidney doctor about what might be safe for you to take? I can't imagine my life without my pain meds, i am so sorry but maybe there is something out there that is safe for you, and your renal doc can enlighten your rheumy, who is probably afraid to prescribe ANYTHING to you!They are always coming up with new meds, even meds that have an actual FDA action that is not for fibro but is found to help!<P> Some alternatives--if you can possible get access to a hot tub or warm water swimming pool for gentle exercises it might help. I can function pretty well for an hour after getting out of a hot soak in the bathtub, but its not a very practical way to spend your day.<P>There really isn't a "FM doctor" ( but it sure is a shame!), but some pain specialists (depends, tho) are more knowledgeable and up to date. I know of alot of rheumy's, neuro's, pain spec. that treat fibro pts. like DIRT, and it often takes a long time to find a good one. I had one pain doc. that wanted to do epidural injections with steroids (I did remind her that fibro was NOT an inflammatory cond.), told me she would not give muscle relaxers or narcotics, (addictive), but told me i could take 5 grams of acetaminophen/day (liver toxicity begins at 3-4 grams!) or 800mg of ibuprof. 3x/day (again--this is for INFLAMMATION, and will rot away your liver eventually) And, i specifically asked when i made the appt. to see her (>$200 & i had no insur. at the time) how knowledgeable and experienced she was with fibro.<P> SO--to end my rant, its a long haul, and hopefully you live in an area that someone on here knows a good doctor to recommend, because it is a LONG HAUL on your own.
    Welcome again, and Good Luck--L
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    You could be in a flare. If you overdo your body can feel like it's gone to war.

    Some people enjoy adding the following to a very warm bath:

    bottle of hydrogen peroxide
    2 cups epsom salts

    Rinse afterwards

    Be ready to lay down because you'll be very relaxed.

    Take care
  5. California31

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    Helps with referrals....of course. Good luck.

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