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    I woke up a couple of days ago with a bad rash on my leg, and thought it was a reoccurance of shingles which i battled a couple of months ago. I decided it was bad enough to call Doctor and he asked me to come in so he could document it in my file. Good thing I did. To My surprise on top of everything else. ( Sjogrens, Fibro, arthritis, carpal tunnel, diverticulitis, colitis, meneriers etc) I now have Lyme also, which has escalated all of the above pain and added to it. Me who rarely leaves the house!!!! But we had our front porch redone and for the past three weeks instead of putting the dogout on her tieout I decided to be nice and have been walking her!!!!!!!! So great now one more thing to deal with!
    Hang in there all!! Char412
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    I just was diagnosed with Lyme. A co-worker suggested I see this one particular Dr and after reading my info and questioning me, he told me that he was almost 100% sure I have Lymes. He of course, sent me for several different blood tests, one of which was a Lyme test to Igenx lab. It came back positive. He has started me on the Marshall Protocol. Are you on that also? Is anyone else on this board on the same program? If so... what can you eat? It seems like that is a much shorter list!
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    It is a good thing to "know" what you have so you can now treat specific to the need!
    It took 9 years to find out that my daughter has Lyme, so let me tell you, an early diagnosis is a blessing! The sooner you begin treatment, the better. My daughter is doing the Cowden protocal with NutraMedix herbs. I hope the Marshall Plan works well for you, Katiebug61! Let us know how it goes!

    Char, our LLMD says that when you kill off Lyme, the Fibromyalgia will go away too. That is something for you to look forward to! In the meantime, I hope you find a good LLMD who can guide you in treatment!

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    It's very possible that some of your previous diagnoses are really Lyme misdiagnoses. You may or may not have everything on your list. It could be Lyme ignorant doctors coming up with any old diagnosis to explain away your symptoms.

    Possibly some of your GI symptoms are really due to Lyme & co-infections. Almost all of my GI problems are gone now. I followed the SCD diet for 6 months to allow my intestines to heal. Plus I had a LEAP test and still avoid the foods that I came up as intolerances for me.

    There's a Geocities list chock full of diagnoses that could be Lyme. Google it and you'll probably find that most things on your list are Lyme related.

    Other doctors diagnosed me with:

    migraine headaches;
    food allergies;
    multiple GI issues like GERD, IBS, ulcers, gastritis, antritis, esophageal ring, etc;

    Just about every symptom I had is linked to all of the infections I had percolating away in my body. With proper treatment of Abx, Heparin, HRT for multiple hormone deficiencies caused by pathogens like Candida, CPN, Borrelia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma pneumonia, Valley Fever, and Babesia all my chronic illnesses are gone. It was such a great feeling for me to realize that I wasn't falling apart after all.

    Try Dr Google and check everyone of your diagnoses + the word Lyme. I'll bet you'll be very surprised to find there is a Lyme or Borrelia connection to them all.