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    hi everyone! i've recently been diaqgnosed with FMS, and even though i've been doing a lot of reading i still have some questions. maybe you all could help me? i'm currently having a flare up and was wondering what kinds of things do you do to help relieve your pain?

    i feel so awful, i don't know if i can explain it. what kinds of things make you feel better (even if it's not physically) a times like this? it's kind of funny, i got my diagnosis almost a month ago and i don't think i've processed the fact that yes, i have a real diagnosis (it took me about 4 1/2 years and a trip to the Cleveland Clinic) and it's FMS. for refrence, i'm a 20 year old college student who lives at home.

    also, how do you explain your FMS to friends, collegues, professors, and family?

    sorry for all the questions, there's a lot i want to know that my books can't tell me. i also apologize for the apparent randomness of this post, i'm rather medicated at the moment^.^
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    i was diagnose about 2 years ago. you could try a tens machine. or mediction. called gabapentin. or acupan. these only give me a bit off relefe. i have fms very bad the only relefe i get is heat. so i try to go abroad as the heat dose me olot off good. you could try heat pads. and voltrol gel. i have triyed alot off pain killers some dont even touch last option that the pain relefe is morphine. but i dont whant to go on it as you can get addicted to it.but if my pain dose not ease off then i may have to go on you have a hydrotheropy pool neare you that will help as the water is very hot. and it helps with the pain. i hope this helps you