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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by moonflower194, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. moonflower194

    moonflower194 New Member

    I have recently been diagnosed with FM (about 2 weeks ago) and would appreciate any information that any of you might be willing to to what has made your life easier...exercise? ..nutrition? etc.
    I need some help so please let me know...
    Thank You
  2. momtc

    momtc New Member

    I have had cfids and fm for 15 years. The best advice I can give are find a good Dr. eat right exercise when you can. Here is what I do, it may or may not help you. I try to walk down a few houses then work up from their. Try reduseing your carbs see if this helps it does for some people. I also take vitiams. Make sure that you let your Dr. know of any changes you make.
    Barbra J
  3. homeskillet19

    homeskillet19 New Member

    Dear Linda, I am so sorry you are now one of us, but dont be scared, you can manage it!! Getting a good dr. is very important, one that I have not accomplished yet!
    But my most important thing is getting sleep, it plays a big part in the way my body handles this disease!
    I take epsom saly baths every night, in as hot as you can stand it water.
    Also I take alot of vitamins, the most important to me is my, TRASK-fibro malic, it has magnesium,malic acid, msm, vit. c, b6
    get you the book
    Fibromyalgia & chronic myofascial pain syndrome
    BY: Devin starlanyl M.D., Mary Ellen Copeland, M.D.
    This book will give you the best imformation about this disease!!!
    I hope this helps
  4. Carina

    Carina New Member

    You will find loads of information here. In agreements with the rest mentioned above. I'd like to add that gentle stretching (not bouncing) of the muscles at least 3 x a day helps when I can not exercise.
    REad the articles on nutrition and suppements for a start. You may be able to change something very quickly there. I also reccomend an air mattress. Coleman (in the camping section of the store) is heavensent even to those who do not have FMS or CMP.
    If married, it would also be really good for your husband to have support which he can get here too. I think this is a "family disease" emotionally.
    Best of luck to you and check in often.
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  5. Sue2

    Sue2 New Member

    I've never been one to join groups or clubs my entire life but I'm darned glad I found this site. We are a unique group as it is "pain and sickness" that brought us together.

    Togetherness makes us stronger.

    As was mentioned, Devin Starlanyl has one of the best books for teaching you and others about these diseases.

    My chiropractor is my favorite resource and the supplements that he prescribes. Plus the supplements that you can purchase from this site.

    As someone might have mentioned, good doctors are hard to find. I fly from Utah to L.A. Calif. to one I found just recently.

    Sleep is top priority.

    Grieving is a must if you are going to get on with gettin better and learning to live with these diseases.

    Welcome again. I hope you find the help you need. I know you will get the support that you need here at this site. Hugs and Prayers Sue2

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