Recipe to Relieve Constipation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FibroMamaw, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. FibroMamaw

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    Does anyone have a recipe for a black tea puree to help relieve constipation from methodone use? The recipe that I have seen had prunes, raisins, figs etc. cooked and pureed in the blender with freshly made black tea? You should then pour it in ice cube trays and freeze it for later.
  2. RedB

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    I do have a good one.

    If you do a search for "basic ingredients relieve constipation", you will find my previous post with a great recipe.

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    I don't know the answer but I think we should
    swap bowels! LOL
  4. Ellie

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    Smooth move tea it has senna leaf and it works very gently. It is the only thing that works for me I am on Oyxcontin and roxicet, so I have a problem moving my bowels. Good luck and the tea does not taste bad. ALoha Ellie
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    of what laxitives you use, as things like senna and cascara increase the motility / contractions of the colon pushing everything out faster, BUT if u take it too ofen your bowel gets lazy and weak. the best thing to use is magnesium. take enough of it and it WILL WORK!! :) also has the benefits that wonderful magnesium has for us too. I take magnesium amino acid chelate which is absorbed well and helps the bowels lots! :)