RECipes.easy and simple and GOOD (part 2 of left over hamr ideas)

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  1. sues1

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    I was asked how DH made his bean soup. We both do it about the same. Recently I had bought a bag of 16 or was it 19 different beans.

    I know he trimmed the ham and separated it for other things, ground part of it for ham loaf..put in freezer for another time.

    Bone with clinging ham bits went into a large pot of water, with some left over broth. Cooked a little while and then washed the beans and added to the broth. Also added a little onion, small (size of cut) dicec carrot and celery. We have been known to add a small peeled potato. Adds flavor and thickens naturally. Good to do in other soups sometimes and like for beef and noodles. I accidently found that Granny did this with her chicken and pot pie noodles, she would eat it at the end of cooking, the potato and no one knew she did this adding of a potato. LOL. Some adds a small can of tomatoes also, to bean soup. I am jumping around too much!

    Look at the packages of dried beans for idea of how much liquid, I really do not use recipes, well not often. NOTE: If more broth is needed while cooking.....add boiling HOT water. Cold water will toughen the beans, if added while broth is hot.Flavor not as good also.

    Granny always made her pot pie noodles (made from scratch) with chicken. While doing family research I found that some ot the older ones made theirs with ham and broth (I imagine, celery, onions also). I have not tried it but sounds wonderful to me. Pot Pie noodles are squares (Her was) of noodles and noodles are made with shortening, something like pie that is where the name comes from. OOhhh,,,,,getting hungry. Arm problems with Fibro, so rarely make noodles, hard to roll out for me.
    We like navy bean soup cooked same way as the other bean soup I wrote about. Also split bean soup...we love it.Also nice to freese such soup in quart size freezer bags.WRITE ON IT what it is.....sometimes I know it is soup but not sure what kind it is in freezer.
    Also what I think is veggie soup is spaghetti sauce, or stuffed red bell peppers or such,
    Try a small amount of crushed pineapple (drained) in your ham salad. Good! A little green and/or red bell pepper good also.
    I am going to start a new thread now........under recipes.
    This is a fun thread and useful! Susan
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  2. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    No name for this dish,,,,Lets call it BOB Z's Yummy Beef, in memory of my BIL that introduced us to this one!
    Cut up any beef into bite size strips....any roast or steak (round steak is good)...This recipe will make any cut tender, at least it does for me (LOL),

    We do this into a bread loaf pan, but use whatever you wish. Cut up a couple of onions and green bell peppers (any color okay, but love the green in this one). Pour a bottle of Italian salad dressing over all, cover well and sit in refrigerator for 4 hrs. or more or over night,

    Bake then at 350 degrees or sit on top of your outdoor grill, keep covered, Sorry but I do not know how long,,,,, one hour? In summer I like the grill and bake potatoes to go with it.
    It is really tender and so will be surprised just how much.

    As long as I do not have to be exact I would to share the things we love to cook. Most I do not have recipe for and just used to it all turning out, been coooking too many yrs.

  3. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Thanks for the easy cooking ideas......that is an amazing bridge in your bio! Have you been to Sweden?

  4. rockgor

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    The soup sounds good. I read John Paul Getty was a big soup fan; had it every day.

    Here's something you can do w/ ham. One of those one pound canned ones is perfect. Only 4 ingredients.

    Ham Salad

    About a pound of diced ham
    2 cans cut green beans (14 oz size)
    6-8 oz. diced cheddar cheese

    Cole slaw dressing

    If you want it to look more like a traditional salad, toss in slivered lettuce.

    Got the recipe at a bridge club pot luck.


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  5. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks for the great ideas. I dont have recipes for alot of my stsff either.. However, when it is something new , and especially working with liquids I like to have something to go by. However, it islot like mix and match. In other words if you don't have one ingredient, just replace with another. Just ask Rock !!! He does what I do. It also comes out pretty good too.

    I will have to copy some more of these things down. Did you think I was going remember them all, BY HEART(-: !

    Love, Granni --- Gotta run now.
  6. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I love split pea soup w/ cornbread on the side and it's so easy to prepare. I make sure to take some Vitamin C before I eat any ham.
  7. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i did this when our kids were small and I was in a hurry for a meal.

    Buy one of thos big glass jars of navy beans at the grocery store. (I did last week). Cut up anky small pieces of ham you have, add to beans and simmer a while.k Don't forget to get a box of Jiffy cornbread mix to whip and you have an easy meal. I plan to fix it next week. Forgot the cornbead mix when shopping last Sat.

    I used to fasten the food grinder to the edge of the cupboard (any of you young ones remember those?) ad grind up the ham, add mayo, pickle relish, and a bit of dried onion. Good, good ham salad for sandwiches.

    When we have a big family get together at one of the kids homes and have ham, we get all of the leftover ham

    Keep the recipes coming

  8. sues1

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    alaska3355 .Sweden would be a lovely place to visit, but I have not been there. I just saw this one day and was sharing it. It is amazing. Need to change photo when I am more up to it.

    rockgor that sounds good....and adding lettuce even better, I will try it.I love ALL of your postings.

    granniluvsu I also substitute things. I did not have cook book at beginning of marriage and was lucky to have the food! LOL. Lots of hit and misses and I turned into a good cook. It dawned on me early that the base of a dish really mattered and if you got the base good, everything you put in it ended up being good. I sometimes used so many leftovers that my oldest boy would say "We're having garbage goulash for dinner"!
    They are grown now and all live very well....but mention garbage goulash and their mouths water. It was really good. Friends loved it also.

    .......why the Vit. C? I am curious....

    lilaclover30 We use the jar beans now and then. We always save scraps a nd ham bones for much. Sometimes it is smart also to use jar ones, for smaller batches of bean soup.
    I still haave the old fashion grinder. But we usually use out food processer. My family used baloney mostly for "Ham Salad". But the old fashioned one brings back warm memories!
    Stores uses ends of lunch meats, including ham, for their Sandwich spreads.....their Ham salad is all ham.

    I love Jiffy mix for corn bread and Bisquick for dumplings.....I have never found a recipe that is better than those two. AND this is not expensive and so much esier on us.

    I do not cook as much, due to energy. Sometimes I cook and then I am too tired to eat! So we should take every advantage we can to get some good food on the table.
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  9. sues1

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    So many things can be used. Main thing is to have vinegar and or/tomatoes....and thing with acid. Also tenderizer.
    You can sprinkle a roast with tenderizer, after you poke it all over with a fork, little garlic and such and pour a couple of Tablespoons of vinegar over it. Let marinate. It will not taste like vinegar, well has not for me. LOL. I use thinner, not skinny, roasts and even in size across the roast. I like to wrap in foil and cook on grill. When it is closer to done, pull to one side and carefully remove meat to grill top. DO NOT spill juices from the beef or puncture the foil. When meat is done, slice and add the juices over the top and serve. I love it this way!

    Take a inexpensive steak, or roast, sprinkle with tenderizer......marinate in Italian salad dressing, or vinegar with your spices of choice, or cook with tomatoes. Italiam dress ing is sometimes over powering to me, but not this way. You do not get the full flavor and what you get is great. Chicken and more is good this way.

    Anymore recipes and hints out there?
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