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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by silky17, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I was looking for any good results from Jenny Craig diet or any other that anyone might have had.

    I like to hear your stories.

  2. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Deear Debbie,
    I've tried many diets,and the only one that really worked was the one I did under hypnosis, that was vegetarian.That lasted for 5 years.
    About Jenny Craig, I just want to tell you what happened to me.
    I have high blood pressure, and so I started on their low salt meals. Well, they still had too much salt, and my blood pressure went out of control. I was advised to stop, and when I asked for a refund, I was told that I "was not on the computer". I was really sick at the time, having just been diagnosed with CFIDS, and not being able to think clearly or take the initiative to act, so I didn't persue it. I lost almost $400.00. So, be careful, and keep all your receipts in a place where you can easily find them.

    Good luck
  3. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    This is what I wanted. Experience from another. I am sorry that happened to you. I hope that you did succeed otherwise.

  4. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    My friend did great on Jenny Craig. She lost her goal which was 30 lbs and liekd the food. I think alot of diets work fine you just have to stick with them. I would try South Beach which seems to be very healthy and more taylored to FM. I personally have lost on Weight Watchers and more recently on the Candida diet which I have done under Drs orders. (28lbs) Good Luck with whatever you choose. Lynn
  5. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    2 years ago I was on supplements from Herbalife that weren't specifically for weight loss, but were considered a 'total cellular nutrition'.

    It stopped my migraines, supressed my allergies and I lost 75lbs in about 9 months. I had more energy while taking them then I think I've EVER had. If money weren't such a problem for me right now, I'd be taking them again.

    The program I was doing I took 3 vitamins 3 times daily, and had a protein shake in the morning, and also usually for a snack in the evening. Luckily, I was still able to eat whatever I wanted - and anything with protein was unlimited and encouraged.

    Unfortunately it cost me about $250 a month, but it definately worked!

    I've recently looked into things like Jenny Craig, but with my allergies now I'm not able to eat any of their foods.

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  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I had a coworker whose wife joined Jenny Craig and started going, then realized how expensive the food was, and didn't want to buy as much food (or something like that!) .... anyway, they kicked her out!!!
  7. WoodstocksMusic

    WoodstocksMusic New Member

    I lost 18 lbs during the first 2 weeks then over the next 6 months I lost a total of 40 lbs...

    I have a weakness for bread however...and now 2 years later I have found 30 of those 40 lbs and am trying to talk myself into doing that diet again...

    I liked the foods and my fm aches and pains were much better when I was on that diet as well.

    I just need somebody to kick my butt into gear again.
  8. jfrustrated

    jfrustrated New Member

    I was very interested in your post, because I have also been wondering how people with cfs lose weight. I have put on tons in the last ten years and cannot get rid of it. Anyhow, my experience is:

    *tried Jeeny Craig; it was a slow, and expensive, process but it worked and I lost over 18 kilos. But then I reached a plateau and nothing could budge it, even though I was only about 6 kilos from my goal. Then, I developed a alergy to something in their food. Really bad skin rashes. I stopped and, in a very short time, all the weight, and more, came back.

    *before I got cfs I used to be able to lose weight on the Atkins diet. But it always came back. Now, my body will not go into ketosis and I can actually put on weight following that diet.

    *went to a naturopath who started me on a special diet involving protein drinks and liquid supplements. He could not believe that I could not lose weight.

    *My doc. says that my various dieting efforts in the past has caused my weight gain so that now, when I start to diet, my body goes into survival mode and stores all the fat it can and slows down the metabolism. He reckons that the best way to lose weight, for me, is to improve my liver function - which is really poor. Also he is trying to increase my muscle-fat ratio by protein supplements and pancreatic enzymes because muscle burns fat. But my body is catabolic, not anabolic, unfortunately. So it is all good in theory but is easier said than done.

    I shall follow this thread with interest. If I could only lose some weight, I know I would feel better, physically and psychologically, but my body will not co-operate.
  9. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I know it is so hard to lose weight since we are scared to try and get active.I went out tonight with some old work buddies and now my body is aching all over. I did not move much just set around a table for maybe 3 hours and my body is SCREAMING, it hurts bad. Its no wonder we get depressed. When your single and have been a 10 most of your life it really hits home hard. I bought a few clothes today and most of them were a 1x or pants were 13 -16 depending on the fit. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

    I am telling you, you would not believe if I put my pic on here from just 4 yrs ago. I don't know what I will do , I know that I cannot afford $250 a month. Thanks for the ear and the stories.Here's to ya all!


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