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    I am so tired all the time and sleep every chance I get. Making plans has become a joke. Nobody (including myself) can trust me not to cancel out last minute. Are there any medications or suppliments that can improve this sleepiness? Most vitamins/suppliments/meds knock me out 30 minutes after I take them and keep me groggy up to 12 hours later. I feel better when I don't take anything. B-12 injections, however, do help considerably but lose effectiveness after regular use. Does anybody have any suggestions? Oh and I don't have narcalepsy. Already did and paid for that test. There are so many things I want to do, but I can't because I'm always sleeping! Also, I need a good cfs specialist. The doctor I have only helps when I can bully him into trying something I've read about because he won't read up about it. I live in Southern Oregon (Brookings) and I don't think there are any in this area. Any recommendations for the West Coast preferably? Oh heck, any recommendations for anywhere else?
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    Hi Michella:

    Sorry to hear you are having a rough go of it, however hopefully you will get some support and guidance here. Welcome. First if you look at the top of the message board you will see a tab for doctor referrals and support groups, check there to see if there is something near your location. Sorry I can't be more helpful in that area, I live on the east coast. Second You mentioned B-12 and B vitamins. We are all so different, do you take thewm with meals? Have you tried magnesium to help with sleep? I have FM and have noticed that Magnesium and Malic acid have helped my pain, However many members here also have CFIS and suffer from severe fatigue. Try posting CFS Question in the search box and see what you come up with you may find other memebers who have had success with their CFS. Anyways welcome and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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    are high dose B12 injections and Magnesium injections. My magnesium level was almost nonexistent. I don't tolerate the pills so I take weekly shots. It helps incredibly.
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    Ashland, OR
    Dr. Robin Rose
    2300 Siskiyou Blvd.
    Ashland, OR 97520
    Tel: (541) 488-2400 Fax: (541) 552-0820
    ("Family practice, and she is a good fibro doc.")

    Canby, OR
    Paul Anderson, N.D.
    210 N.W. First St.
    Canby, OR 97013
    Tel: (503) 266-2997
    ("Dr. Anderson is a wonderful man who understands the pain of FMS and treats the whole person.")

    Eugene, OR
    Joe Kassel, Naturopath
    Eugene, OR
    Tel: (541) 935-3453
    (Excellent Naturopath. He specializes in TCM (acupuncture, etc.). Also does HOUSECALLS.)

    Portland, OR
    Kip Kemple, MD
    2311 NW Northrup
    Portland, Oregon 97210
    Tel: (503) 223-1840
    (FMS. "Rheumatolagist, Excellent Doc. Very Knowledgable re: FM/MPS and all rheumatolagical problems.")

    Erin Lommen, N.D.
    4444 SW Corbett Ave.
    Portland OR 97201
    Tel: (503) 224-4003
    ("I'm crazy about my doctor, a naturopath in Portland Oregon. She's thorough and caring and very respectful. She's up-to-date and leery of fad treatments. I can highly recommend her").

    Springfield, OR
    Martin M. Klos, M.D.
    Chronic Pain Management
    3831 Main Street, Suite 105
    Springfield, OR 97478
    Tel: (541) 746-4468
    Web site:
    FMS ( "He is truly a compassionate professional with a broad base of understanding about FM, pain management, and post-operative healing.")

    Woodburn, OR
    Mayda Ramos, M.D.
    976 N. Cascade Dr.
    Woodburn, Oregon 97071
    Tel: (503) 982-0403
    ("She listens and is very knowledgeable about the symptoms.")