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    i applied for disability in december.went to mental doc ,got reconsideration august 23.i was told that it would be until december 23 to get the decision.does it take that long.if they would denie me would they already.?is their more than one that has to go through your ssi,ssdi,etc.i was told on one that the denial had nothing to do with his part.his is a different decision...when someone was in 2nddecision,did it take that long?hhhheellllllp?any responce would be very appreciated...filed bankrupt,and very upset at this......hugs janet
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    They want you to go away. Usually turned down 2 times then have to file for seeing judge. You should speak to a SSD attorney even if you do not get 1. They will give you free info.

    If you retain attorney they automatically take 1/4 of what you receive in back pay. Not to exceed $4,000. unless that has changed. Plus any extra paperwork they tack on.

    It is best to interview a couple attorneys and get as much info as poss.

    I filed thinking I just needed 6 mo. to get well at that time. I had no idea the paperwork legalities to get something you payed into.

    It took me 6 yrs. but I stopped. Tryed to go back to work again and again. Till they had to pick me up off the floor for 2cd time. Then I knew something more was wrong than just stress. Because I had left most that behind in move.

    The next time it was about another yr. More turn downs till I went to judge. Usually it is 60 day wait for letter. He granted me disabled after seeing me for 20min. My attorney was a waste. It was just the judge and I. Plus I ended up doing most leg work pryer. Very reason I retained attorney due to being so weak.

    So keep plugging arm yourself with info.
    You can look it up on computer too.
    Dr. Starlynl website tells you what to do.

    It ends up being on the list of your total symptoms, not always diagnosis since many do not believe in fm/cfids

    My attorney forced me to push depression top of list said when you are in their ballpark you play their ball. They will accept depression over all my other stuff wrong.

    My doc disagreed said whatever depression there was is do to chronic pain and illness, not primary.

    SS sent me for psych exam she spent little time with me and said you are just fine go home and rest...hmmmmm

    Good Luck it can get frustrating....

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    to six months to get the decision from the reconsideration level. I filed in Feb of 2002 and received my approval in April of 2003. I was also denied the first two times around, which is rather normal. When it was time to schedule to go in front of the ALJ for a hearing, I filed for that, but at the same time requested that the ALJ review my case before the hearing date. He did review it and I was approved, so I did not need to attend a hearing.

    Good luck, I know it is stressful waiting for these decisions. Some have had good luck with contacting their State Congressman or Rep, can't remember which one now.

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    Hi Janet,

    I'm in the reconsideration stage right now. I applied in January was denied and I hired a lawyer in May, I could not take the hassling anymore.
    I was worried because I wasn't getting called to a dr. for them but they just sent me a letter and I have to go tomorrow. My lawyer keeps telling me I should know by November.
    Good luck.
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    because you hadn't been called into see a SS doctor. I just wanted you to know that I never did have to go see one of their doctors and I still got my award. Heaven only knows, I had enough of my own doctors!! But, I also had thought they would send me to one of theirs, but it never happened.

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    thank you so much for your reply....i did go to their mental doc..however they canceled my other.....i just hope and pray every morning.eveningand nite they hope all of is sad we get this is reaaly hard on mw at times.........hugs janet