reconstructive foot surgery anyone?

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  1. msthang

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    has anyone had reconstructive foot surgery? bones fused? tendons streched? i am looking for information to know questions to ask and what to expect. if anyone has gone thru this please let me know your experience.
    thanks so much. hugs and be blessed.
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    I didn't have the kind of surgery you're talking about. I had bunions removed, a neuroma removed and a hammertoe fixed. The hammertoe was the worst.

    Foot surgery takes about 6-8 weeks to recuperate from. You have to be off of your feet for at least 2 weeks. Anytime they cut into a bone it's difficult.

    I don't know if this helped, but maybe just a little!


    P.S. - You can go on-line and look up any of these surgeries.
  3. Alyndra

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    I originally had fractured my right foot, and had to have it recasted every 6 weeks for just under 2 years. It just refused to heal. At that point I opted for surgery.

    The doctor found the reason it wasn't healing was because soft tissue and tendons had healed into the bone - and everytime I moved my foot or stretched the tissue it would tear. I was constantly seperating the bone over and over again.

    During the surgery the tendons were re placed and the tissues removed from the bone. For stability that bone was then shaved down and fused to another.

    Since then I've had to have 5 more operations on my foot.

    Be VERY careful to find out exactly what type of shoes to wear, and activities to avoid after any type of foot surgery.

    Those last 5 operations were because no one told me that by changing the types and styles of my shoes all the time, I was reshaping my foot. Doing so was putting too much stress on the fused bones. In all reality, the last 5 operations were completely avoidable had I had the proper information.

    Now I'm sure to never wear any type of heel, and for all my flat shoes and boots I've gotten orthodics. Now no matter what shoe I'm wearing - it has the same foot support.

    I even have a cheap pair of those cork material flip flops that I hollowed out and can put my orthodics in!

    As far as what to expect? I was told I would be on crutches for months. I used them the first 4 days I was home from surgery, and by a week after the surgery I was walking on my foot and even doing stairs.

    The pain most definately is annoying, but I've had FM flares worse then the post-op pain.

    The biggest thing I can recommend from my experience is never go bare foot anywhere! Even 7 years since my last operation - when I go barefoot (even with socks on) on cement or tiles it causes alot of uneccessary pain! I myself hate slippers - so I got a pain of the terry cloth flips flops like you see with bath robes, or you can get with pedicure sets.

    In all honesty though, the doctors will make it all sound ALOT worse then it is.
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    My feet have become very deformed. Baby bunion, hammertoe, plantar facitis (sp?) you name it I have it. Doctor advises reconstructive surgery. Says 3 months before you can put any weight on the foot then physical therapy. I need to do both feet. I keep talking myself out of it...I dont have time. Since they cant tell me why my feet have done this I worry some that it is fms related and it will just do it again.
    I am glad you asked this and I hope you get some positive input.
    take care
  5. msthang

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    thank u all for all the information. it is greatly appreciated. hugs and be blessed.