Record heat anyone????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mylilcherub428, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    I live in massachussets and it is going on day 2 of record temps 95-100 with thunderstorms someone actually got killed at the beach yesterday cuz of the lightning

    anyhow we r moving soon and my fiance does not want to put the ac in so I am going somewhere cooler everyday

    the heat is killin me usually I like it but this was too much too fast it went from 80 to 100 schools are being let out early today

    anyone else dying in the heat???-Kim
  2. poets

    poets Member

    Yes, down here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, we're roasting. It was eighty degrees at 6:15 this morning. The humidity really sets my pain off. Without the AC I really think I'd die.

  3. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    I'm in SE Tennessee, where heat and humidity are expected but this is crazy hot for this early in the summer. I think for me the hot weather makes me feel even worse than cold. It completely saps whatever little energy I have.

    There is a music festival going on here this week down on the Tennessee River; I heard they're expecting 100,000 people. The very idea of being out there in the heat, noise, and crowd makes my toes curl!!! Needless to say I'll be staying far away from THAT scene, lol.

    (Lee Ann)
  4. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    I'm also in MA. We don't have AC so it's 90 in my house. It was actually cooler outside this morning! I think I'm melting!

    For the first time ever, I was actually glad to come to work on a Monday. One problem with AC though - it seems to exacerbate CF - I can barely keep my eyes open.
  5. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    We are in WA and I don't think summer is really ever going to show up this year. It should be hot by now, but we keep getting cold fronts from AK and Cananda. Just got up to 72 yesterday again and now it is going to get back to the 60's.
  6. Empower

    Empower New Member

    In Pa, mid 90's. I am exhausted more than usual

    To top it off, we had a power failure last night!!! Lasted through the night and this morning

    Thank God it is on now!!!!
  7. terrisews

    terrisews New Member

    I've only ventured out of my front door once since last Tuesday. And then only for a second. It actually took my breath away. It's supposed to rain today - hence the extra pain I'm in - so maybe that will drop the temps.

    Hang in there everyone!

    Terri in TN

    Lee Ann - I'm going to try to de in the chat room tonight at 8:00 hope to see you there!
  8. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    so i totally feel your pain, its been miserable weather here.. sooo hot! but shockingly, i actually feel great with this heat, and its been great to get myself into the ocean which is definitely refreshing

    hope everyones stayin cool out there!

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