recovering alcoholics and pain control

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ponygirl, May 13, 2003.

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    Well I'm back again. Have been feeling so smug about not having a flare since last August. Had actually been kidding myself into thinking I had overcome my painful flare-ups. Oh, but no way. As of April 13( as I was doing my taxes) I got stressed out and started feeling that ole familiar tightness in my rib cage. Have been in constant pain since. So much so, I can hardly roll over in bed. NOTHING seems to be working. Tried heat, then ice, then a massage,then vicodin, then muscle relaxers , now will go today for my 3rd acupuncture treatment.
    My question is for those of you that have an addictive personality like myself, whats a person to do???
    Please dont suggest trigger point injections, Ive tried them too! No help.
    I asked my Dr. last week about guai and she seemed a little confused. Even though her sister has FMS, she didnt seem to know what it was, other than the cough suppressent.
    What exactly is GUAI?
    And , anybody have any new pain breakthrough treatment???
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    Sounds like anxiety from doing taxes set off flare. Much research points to FMS having neurological origins and anxiety seems to be a big part of it. I'm taking buspar for anxiety. Quit drinking (after over 30yrs) within 10 days of starting to take it, been off for almost 3 months. Was trying to at least cut down and after I started my meds (ritalin too) I lost all urge to drink. Found out later that buspar is used to help people get off alcohol. Instead of attacking the pain try working on the source, the anxiety (it's the primal "fight or flight" response button stuck at "on") A good shrink can help, mone did. I was eventually diagnosed with ADD and anxiety. They seem to be found together a lot.